Blame the Rebels

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Blame the Rebels fictionspawn.jpg

This is an illustration I made for my story Blame the Rebels over at Fictionspawn Monsters. It's a story about a monster attacking a city, while media is trying to twist the situation to their own advantage. The illustration is pigment ink and marker on watercolour paper, fifty percent cotton if I'm not mistaken. Below you can see some of the pencil sketches, published for the first time. The first sheet is the last of the idea sketches, and the second is a more systematic detail sketch for the illustration.

Blame the Rebels sketch.jpg

Blame the Rebels sketch 2.jpg


Very nice illustration, @fictionspawn ! It's captured well that the media crew didn't really care much about the survivors, and was very happy to keep shooting for their segment....

Nice step by step, also !

Thanks, Veryspider! Media seems to be that way indeed, this is the perfect day for them, or at least for their bosses :D Feels good get the sketches out, too :)

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