Puppy Graphite Drawing Finished By EdgarsArt

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Puppy Graphite Finished

So my puppy is finished already! I can not say I am 100 percent pleased with the result, because I think, the chin is not 100 percent how i wanted it to be. Well it the end i does look nice and that little smark the puppy has is looking cute. As always I see growth for myself:D

Actually what i am not satisfied with are the chin lines. They do not realistic to me. As least that much realistic as i would like them to be. Well, this drawing was on video and i tried to "run" to finish it, but in general. I am learning to draw faster and more effective as I can. Otherwise I simply do not have time in my life to do things slow. I think a lot of people who are doing handmade things can relate to this.
You can only do how much you can simply do with your hands. And no internet, so connection, so app, no software, can fasten the process how you create, make or achieve something. It is based first thing on you and simply how you do things. No passive income in handmade things!

The most beautiful thing I did manage to get done in this drawing are the eyes. With those I am extremely pleased with. Sometimes even looking at my own dog, I see how deep his eyes are. At these moments I see clearer than ever, that animals, dogs for example, do have something special. They think, they feel everything and they dream. They breath the same air. I got quite deep here, but this is one thing that really keeps me in this game. The game of art. I only can draw what i feel connected to. Drawing this made e feel good, and after finishing i feel lighter. I feel like I ate, mentally. There are other things, that are filling other holes too, but this is something that does its role to the fullest.

For this drawing I still used the mechanical pencil, but for my next works I will again work with b pencils. Well actually the table I was having for my earlier drawings has changed. And i only know feel the difference. This table is a little bit softer. I never thought I would feel such a big difference. The pencil strokes are not so deep and sharp, and simply by pushing the pencil, I can feel that the pencil does smooth and sinks in the paper. I do not know if it is something really bad right now, but I hope it will not be. I have no other option right now to change the table.




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Wow......lovely art...my dear friend edgarsart


Thank you:))

I couldn't agree more on his eyes. You really did capture the depth and love that appears within a pup's eyes. I also couldn't agree more that they are just as sentient as we are. I can often see when my dogs have their emotions. Not only that but you can see when they feel your own emotions and react in kind to help bring you up. Great job!


Thank you! Actually the eyes are always the first and the fastest part of the drawing I do. I think maybe in 5 minutes I did each eye in this one. It is sometimes funny, when I spend 10 hours on the fur and in the end the eyes are the ones that stand out the mostMVIMG_20180823_114232.jpg

The drawing was beautiful, especially the eyes and coat, @edgarsart. Certainly the bass part comes out a little of the lines, but it does not look bad. I like dogs more than cats! I do not know how you do that you have of the two. To have a dog is to have a good friend; the cat is an ungrateful friend. hahahaha. Greetings


Oh i am lucky enough to have both around me! Well, but my cat for sure does not care about what i say!

Dear sir
as you mentioned in your blog Yet you are not 100% satisfied. According to you, your puppy's chin has not been able to be the way you wanted to make it.
As far as we can see, there is no shortage of art in your art. Very beautiful puppy has been depicted, everything is fitted in its place.


Oh thank you so much:) Well, I am really critical of myself!