The streets of Moscow. Bolshaya Polyanka. Sketch.

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When I paint at home - I do not think about the palette. I have 100500 markers and I take exactly the one I need right now. But if I go outside then I know that I will draw a limited range. Firstly, in an plein air there is usually no time to choose markers. One-two and the sketch is ready. Secondly, it's hard for me to carry markers (half of the bag - daughters things , juice, cookies, jacket? ..). Third, when I'm on the street, I'm with a child, so a five-minute sketch is the top of bliss.

Therefore, before you my camp set:

  • a 12x12 cm sketchbook;
  • 9 markers (gray 1,3,5, purple, two beige, yellow, brick, blue);
  • lining under the sheets;
  • the clamp so that the lining does not fly out;
  • black brush;
  • white gel pen.

Usually, I do not use gel pen, but it's always with me.
I often start drawing with a tone. First a light gray marker.

Then the shade is darker.

Now I'm adding color. Beige and brick.

I paint the sky. Bright blue I add in windows, roofs and greens.

It remains to add the liner. I do not use the white gel pen today.

If I know that I'm definitely going to paint in the city - the palette will be wider, but these 9 markers are necessarily present in it.

All my paintings can be bought for sbd/steem

Thank you for watching!

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Animation By @zord189

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P.S. It is hard to write in English, because my native language is Russian. But I'm learning. If you notice serious errors in the text that interfere with the correct perception, please let me know about them.


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Very lovely post, and I’m glad I stoped by to see the whole process of development of this beautifully picture.

My wife is also drawing - she does painting by numbers always 😀... so i know your „free painted“ picture is another level. Good job darling 👌


Hi amalinavia,

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Amalinavia, крутые скетчи) мне оч нравится))
А как попасть в Elegance? не могу разобраться

That little book of yours must be glorious to see in real, every page filled with your beautiful artworks. This is another lovely ones of your building artworks. I love looking at your progress shots, each of them is pretty even before you finish it.          
Congratulations on getting another curie vote, totally deserve it :).          

Gorgeous work, @amalinavia ! It is true that when drawing at home, it is very different when drawing on location, and one must be prepared well to draw a plein air piece such as this one. Love the detailing and the cars so much, your marker + inking skills = AMAZING

Beautiful work, @amalinavia. До скорого! 😃

I cannot draw at all, and I am in awe of you to do this quickly, on the street, and with a small child to boot. Your color pallet is lovely, even if you limited it. And I have no issues at all with your English. You write as beautifully as you sketch.

Thank you for showing us your steps to the drawing and colouring. Your work looks elegant and it helps someone who is new to art, like me, to learn the works of it. I like that you carry your little cute sketchbook with you and markers to be able to just draw and colour anything you see that you like. Thank you @amalinavia. I'm following you now :)

Awesome demonstration of very nice drawing. I really liked the small elements in the drawings like the Car, Bus as well as the street light.

@amalinavia How beautiful your drawing. Every detail you applied to it is imprecise. The buildings with their windows are unpredictable. Even the wiring of the electricity can be seen. I like the car that's old and looks great. Very good and dedicated work. You work very well with your works with high quality. A big hello. Beautiful and unique work of art.

A really beautiful work of art, I love the vintage look of the car. The buildings are just awesome! I love how you captured every little detail you found on the street, even those that could easily be ignored.

howdy from Texas amalinavia! well this is some very impressive stuff for a non-artist because the way you describe and illustrate it makes it come alive from the method of production. But are you saying that you actually only take 5 minutes to do one like this?