Steemfest. Dream or reality

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Hello, Steemit!

I saw a link to the contest in the second post about Steemfest from Rodandp. This one from @steemfestdreams:

I was very surprised that this contest passed me by, but I realized that I still have a chance to take part!

So, here I am =)

A few words about me
My name is Alina and I'm from Russia. I'm an illustrator and a sketch artist. I draw everything I see: buildings, animals, food, people. I'm on a maternity leave decree, so I do not have much time to paint. But there is still time and I spend it wisely!)) I like meeting new people and traveling.

Why I want to go to SteemFest

I came to Steemfest last year and I really enjoyed it!! Besides people and the atmosphere that was there, it was a huge kick for my creativity. First, another country and culture. Secondly, people from all over the world. Third, new acquaintances. Fourthly, the atmosphere of the holiday, which did not leave me a couple of weeks after the trip. I can say that I "hooked on" the whole thing and I want more!

How winning a free SteemFest ticket and/or travel expenses could help my SteemFest dream come true

I wrote above that I do not work now and I am in a decree (daughter). My earnings from the illustration are small (the basic earnings are brought by the husband). Therefore, to go to Steemfest we need to try very hard. And I do not mind still drawing illustrations for books, but summer is quite a dead season. Therefore, the less for me the cost of the trip is - the better. Because the desire to visit the Steemfest is very large.

Also I plan to draw Krakow. Similar sketches with those that are in this post. I always draw right on the street. So for me they are valuable! And if you want to walk with me around the city - I'm glad to see you! I really like to walk around the city and see how and where people live. All cities are different, and each city has its own face. I have long dreamed of visiting Krakow, but there are no direct flights there, and the cost of flights is great. And this is - a chance to go to Krakow.

Thank you! At least for the opportunity to dream!)))

All my paintings can be bought for sbd/steem

Thank you for watching!

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Animation By @zord189

Order now!

P.S. It is hard to write in English, because my native language is Russian. But I'm learning. If you notice serious errors in the text that interfere with the correct perception, please let me know about them.


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What a spectacular artwork, @amalinavia! Very good! 😊

Wow, the 4th picture is the Great Market Hall in Budapest!
Beautiful paintings!

Hello Amalina,
This is the first post I see from you and I very much like your drawings.
My favorite is the first one.
Except for some differences (mostly on the right side of the roof), the drawing is very realistic.
Although I am not going, I hope you will get a ticket (and/or help with the travel expenses) to Steemfest (Kraków, Poland)!
Good luck and all the best!
Greetings from Hungary!

The drawings are so beautiful! Well done!!!

How far away is steemfest for you? Is it easily traveled for you if you won?