Deep House :: Tune of the Day : Yarosslav - Cytarra

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Deeply melodic, reassuringly otherworldly, incredibly sensual, Cytarra checks off all imaginable aspects of a mesmerizing Deep House tune. Erasing all boundaries between any specific genres, but proudly calling itself House music, it is a true gem of a track, that is universally appealing and reinvigorating to the most seasoned listener of electronic music and anyone skeptical of how unique and beautiful House can be.

Starting off not too far off from a flamenco ballad the tune quickly grows into a living breathing thing in the class of it's own introducing breathtaking elements one after the other and blossoming into a picturesque affair while simultaneously going deeper into the melancholic reflection.

The instruments seamlessly morph into every wild variation of them, managing to both keep it fresh and recognizable with established riffs. The interplay of frequencies and characters are on full display here accomplishing an astonishing journey throughout track's runtime fluctuating in density, energy and mood.

It is often a bane of 4/4 music to become a slave of it's structure and having a hard time graduating from it's loop-based shackles, however creative. It's tracks like this one that remind me of the fully mature, introspective and creative side of House that is ever present, if rare, and makes me a revived believer in the future of music every single time 

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Yea I like this song. So many good songs that go unattended!


Thank you, glad you enjoyed it, @idigit, cheers!

I'm glad the artwork caught my eye...the collage uses a photo of Lee Miller by Man Ray... I dug the track, I like the Spanish-inspired vibe. I need to make a point to check your tune of the day posts!


I am glad you mentioned that, I googled it and absolutely loved the photography. Agreed, very inspired track, the vibe fits perfectly as a House track. Thanks for listening, @sexdeathrebirth!

OOOOOO this is fantastic man. the guitar is just so masterful and slick. I myself haven't come across much house music with spanish/flamenco elements, this is a great find. I can't find it on Spotify though this is a travesty. Thank you for sharing this with us!


I have a couple of outstanding acoustic instrument oriented tracks in my collection, as I am loving this kind of more organic sound, but that is by no means to take away from the excellent work done on this particular one. Thanks for tuning in as always! Just FYI the tracks I feature, are all available for download by artists, so feel free to grab a copy (I know.. not same as Spotify heh). Cheers, man!