Deep House :: Tune of the Day : Roman Candles - Brother Ray

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Take one part Ray Charles interview, intoxicating bassline, playful horns and classy percussion and you get this lo-fi gem full of live and vigour reminiscent of the golden era House which is arguable in itself on when that would be. The point stands that the inspiration for this track comes from the musical ideas influenced by a whole variety of genres as well as ethereal things outside of sonic realm.

Simplicity in music is one of those fleeting concepts that can make the track a perfection or seem too bare, which is also subjective, so I have a huge respect for artists that know where to draw that line and Brother Ray is a perfect representation of that for me. Listening to it on repeat for the review never tires you, bassline has so much life and overtone in it that it keeps the groove without any sign of fatigue, percussion has that delightful shuffle to it and melodic elements are peppered throughout in the most satisfactory way and the interview pieces are entertaining and has that cool throwback feel to it.

This is a debut release from the artist and I am blown away by the quality and magic touch of the tune and had no reservation about featuring it for today's Tune of the Day. Wishing Roman Candles the best in future work!

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OO that bass is fat n comfy. What an interesting fusion of elements, I'll keep an eye on Roman Candles


Agreed, deceivingly simple, but has plenty of character to keep you interested. That is one hell of a tune for, I assume, newer artist, so I second your point, look forward to what will come out next :) Thanks for checking it out!

nice one brother. thank you for the sharing


Thank you for listening! :)

so deeeeeep! ;-)


So lovely, right? :) Thanks for tuning in!


Cheers, man! Got it and will do the continuation asap :)