Deep House :: Tune of the Day : Risico & Adam Helder - Borealis

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Association of distinctive artistic mediums is on full display with the dreamy and evolving Borealis, starting with a instantly mysterious title, curious cover art and further extending into the track itself. It is not a direct connection of tune full of snakes, monks, pyramids and glossy vinyl but rather the atmosphere created while listening that makes you question the inspiration within.

An immediate case of no cold-cut genre, the track takes thoughts from a huge variety of places bringing together a crisp House beat, progressive and Trance influenced arps, ghostly vocal snippets both vintage and fresh, delicate analog synths and peeks of acid throughout the fluctuations.

It is on the grounds of all the intricate elements presented that this track truly shines as an introspective piece yearning to be deciphered fantasizing about the distant lands it evokes visions of, the peculiar cover art and the significance of it on the aural aspect of the composition and listener's own thoughts and ideas that come alive while taking the journey with Borealis being the soundtrack.

There is an ever elusive feeling of something so familiar, warm and known that some tracks have a magical way of creating and such is the case with today's Tune of the Day - it makes you feel at home right away, seducing with it's approachability and charm.

What is Tune of the Day?

Something that I do for my rising revelations series is search for new music daily. So it is only natural that I should be sharing some of the daily highlights as too often the tracks are amazing but they don't make it into a final episode as they might not fit that week's mood or concept.

More than anything, the reasoning behind the series was always sharing new exciting music by artists that are longing to be heard so any extra exposure is a good thing.

All artists featured on the blog are contacted and notified of the post, and get a gentle nudge to join this incredible community.

I love putting my feelings about music into writing so each post will also have a couple of my own words on why I love that particular track and how I perceive it, a mini-review of sorts.

As an added bonus all tracks featured are available for a free download, generously provided by the artists. Please enjoy them in your music players, DJ sets and shared playlists and endorse hard work of some talented people.

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Wild art design for this tune/artist - Thanks for posting. Will follow to see what else you post along the way through your series.


I agree, it's a pretty cool cover art and instantly attention grabbing. Thanks for tuning in, man, look forward to bringing more and more excellent music to your ears. Cheers!

Yeah, awesome build up in that track. It's starting out great with a short & snappy closed hat which turns into a housy 909 open hat. Great evolving bass line and sidechained arpeggio and unintelligible vocals. Fits the day!


You right on the money! We're having a snowstorm after snowstorm so it's a pleasure to get transported to distant lands by the music! And agreed, I love the elements of the track.

Thanks for posting. It's great to hear from a fellow techno/house lover here on Steemit. I have been having hard time keeping on top of the new stuff and diversifying what I listen to because I go out less to clubs and fests now. I usually listen to Techno Live Sets on Itunes, as well as the Chris Liebing and Drumcode podcasts. Love to hear about new sets and artists though. Will follow and try out some of these.


I hear you 100%, I don't have much energy or time for shows nowadays, so it's incredible to be able to share my love of music via Internet. I think you will enjoy the sort of stuff I am going to be posting as new stuff and undiscovered artists is what my current focus is, both with the daily tune posts and my DJ sets. Thank you for tuning in! Look forward to engaging in the future with you!


While I don't go out much anymore, I listen to Techno and House during work, the gym, and at home still so I get some exposure that way. Just haven't been experimenting with as many new artists as I did before. Glad I ran into this post, this song is terrific. It's very chill but it makes you wanna dance. Great taste, and it's right up my alley. Adding to my playlist and checking out some others.

Such a hypnotic and immersive beat...thank you for sharing! Gave you a follow, wanna see what else you will post! :-)


Thank you, budika, much appreciated! Hope you enjoy my future content! Cheers!