Yotam Avni - Rising (Techno) Star from Tel Aviv (music and more inside)

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A recent discovery is Yotam Avni. An versatile DJ and producer from Tel Aviv.

Last week he was in the Netherlands for a show. I was - however unfortunate - not able to attend due to my Mysteryland adventures. With a bit of searching, I found a published recording showing his skills, a performance of two years ago at the Breakfast Club in Tel Aviv.

From his bio at Resident Advisor:

Yotam Avni as been tipped to be one of the most prominent and exciting figures too emerge onto the scene in recent years. An accomplished producer, in-demand remixer and versatile DJ, he has fast transitioned from Tel-Aviv’s best-kept secret to one of contemporary house and techno’s leading lights. Avni's music career began early on; even at the young age of 19, he compiled and produced experimental music for Modern Ballet, while working as a Music Journalist and holding down a DJ Residency in Tel Aviv's leading club nights.

  • Artist: Yotam Avni
  • Set: Breakfast Club
  • Year: 2015

NJOY breakfast!

Yotam Avni - Breakfast Club 20 March 2015

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sources [1]

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