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Sade is one of those artists who produced timeless music, at least for me it is. She was my companion in the car a long time ago when I drove many times longer distances back home from some Techno party somewhere in the Netherlands or our neighbouring countries. The drive to the party, my friends usually were alive and kicking, but after the party on our way back, most of the time they just fell asleep. The fortunate thing, Sade was always there to help me 1) to wind down from the party itself 2) support me in getting my friends home, save and sound.

I share with you the album I listened to the most, by far. It has a special place in my heart, and likely for the rest of my life. A super album, great tracks and a fantastic voice.

  • Artist: Sade
  • Album: Lovers Rock
  • Year: 2000

The Play Button will bring you into the great sound of Sade.

Sade - Lovers Rock (2000)

play full album here


By Your Side
King Of Sorrow
Somebody Already Broke My Heart
All About Our Love
Slave Song
The Sweetest Gift
Every Word
Lovers Rock
It's Only Love That Gets You Through

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Sade for me is one of these artists with a real sense of charisma that shines thru her music . Love it.

Thank you, glad you like her as well. She is simple amazing!

Hey velvety voice is unlike any other. I love Sade and have this thing only she and I get to do together. I call it the "Smooth Operator shower." Nothing like it! ^_^


You make me remember an old girlfriend I have long time ago. She liked a lot Sade and pass this to mee. Also she teached me that Lovers Rock is a beautifull album for to hear (and more other things) together with a girl :D

Nice, you having a story with Sade also :)

She was big in the 80s. She has a great voice. We've had some great renditions of Smooth Operator at our pub sessions

Smooth Operator is indeed a classic and maybe the most famous track she made. Wow, indeed, didn't here that one for a long time. Not part of the Lovers Rock album :)


nice :) and I listened to Sade over many romantic dinners 30 years ago and still today we enjoy her voice.

Wow super you also keep on going with Sade, someone not to let go for sure.

Sade Adu!!! 🙌🏾


She was a great artist and had several good songs. Very alike all the songs, but still great!

Same style indeed, but such a great artists!


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Very nice

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Thanks; Enjoy