Ricardo Villalobos - Empirical House - EXTRAORDINARY! (music and more inside)

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Ricardo Villalobos is one of my most favourite electronic artist and producer ever! This guy is so talented and good that I just can't believe he is for real!

From word of mouth I learned he generally makes tracks with a length of at least 45 minutes! Can you imagine? For someone else this is a whole album! Maybe the reason why he does not release that much. How can you put - lets say - 8 tracks on a CD? 8 times 45 minutes means more or less 8 CDs! He uses Modular system to produce, so it is not possible to re-create. He needs to find a cut in his tracks to be able to fit it on Vinyl and CD. Very difficult I would think!

But, he is one of those rare kind of artist who does not need to release music to be fully booked at electronic music events worldwide. His quality sells itself!

  • Artist: Ricardo Villalobos
  • EP: Empirical House
  • Style: Deep House / Minimal Techno
  • Year: 2017

If you ever wanted to try out electronic music; Now it is time to listen to something really great!

Ricardo Villalobos - Widodo (2017)

Ricardo Villalobos - Bakasecc (2017)

Ricardo Villalobos - Sub Pad (2017)

Ricardo Villalobos - Empirical House (2017)


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Top Quality Artist!

Absolutely! :)

My all time favourite since I saw him live at last ADE

Nice to read that from you! He is absolutey QUALITY!

I actually always loved his productions but seeing him live throwing in some prince and his funny personality convinced me what a top quality DJ really is. He is one of the masters. I heard he played in Bali a while ago but not sure.

He can go from underground Techno, to Disco and anything in between! His productions he creates apparently with this Modular systems that are producing sounds all the time; He plays with the wiring and connecting different systems together to create more sounds, or mixes of sounds and at some point in time he starts recording, playing further with his systems and an hour later he stops the recording. Not sure how many of those session he creates before he is ok with the results. What I do know is that after a day in the studio, I heard 2 super 45 minute recordings!

not too shabby my friend! Not in the mood to dance but that brings me towards it :-)

It is still early in the morning! :) Shall I post something more chill for you?

no chill please :-)

OWWWW, something harder than! Less housy, but more Schranz?

You are the Turntables Master today 😎

Ok there your go; I let STERAC do the mixing so I dont have to do that :) Very recent show at Detroit Annual Open Air Techno Event...They place where it all started with Techno... Hope this brings your body in the move! :)

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That's nice !!


Yep Yep, I was there :) Such a Good Night of Music!

Such an awesome very long and fun night. I stayed until the bitter end

Hahahaha, I even stayed longer then the official closing as far as I remember :)

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