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It was I think a year or three ago I was pulled by two of my electronic music producer friends to the venue Paradiso in Amsterdam. Floating Points was scheduled! My friends love his productions and use some of his tracks in their sets when performing on stage. On of these tracks I really like: "Sais" from the EP "Shadows" released in 2011.

Anyway, I remember we entered an almost empty venue and Floating Points already started.

Paradiso is one of the oldest concert/band venues of Amsterdam, but it is not know for its great sound; At least not for electronic music. The venue hosts a lot of bands and the system has some issues with bringing electronic music into the room with some good quality. This night I think they must have had a band performing just before the gig of Floating Point, since the sound really s*cked! And the sound guy must have been sleeping.

It also seemed Floating Points (real name: Samuel Shepherd) was not really into it, therefore altogether we decided within half an hour to check out one of the other rooms. Such a shame! But for sure I want to give him another chance so he is (still) on my todo list! Later in November he has a gig scheduled in Utrecht; Maybe that shall be the rematch?! Lets see how my schedule works out coming weeks.

Thanks to @rawselectmusic, his posts on Floating Points (here and here) and subsequently our conversation; My inspiration for this post!

Artist: Floating Points
Album: Shadows EP
Year: 2011
Country: UK



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I like this, sounds interesting, with a jazzy feel :-)


Great tunes, rematch sounds pretty awesome too.

Glad you like it :)

Upvoted. I'll be resteeming this now :)

Thank you for your support.

Die kende ik nog niet, niet slecht...

He maakt ook wat meer rock georiënteerde muziek. Verder treedt ie ook met een 'band' op.

I checked your profil and like it...! Will follow to check what you will post! Thanks for your feedback again! It would be a help and a heartwish to me if you would reeesteeeem my article to reach more people that they get the knowledge of sound and frequencies! Huggies out to ya

Thanks for you support. To be honest, I don't really resteem. Not on my qsounds account, as you see I want to keep the channel clean. Thanks for your support here.

A ok...Business side! Sorry for asking...its an importance subject so i only asked...now I understand. Will read you soon! Thanks for being honest!!!! That's really important for me also!

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Thank you! :)