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Moby - an artists we all know - is one of those I probably discovered at the same time with the rest of the world. With his more pop-ish album 'Play' he produced many hits and released in more than 60 countries around the world. Moby is one of the first generation modern electronic artists. Born in Harlem New York in 1965, he started to release his first tracks and albums in the upcoming underground electronic dance music scene with acid house and early rave type productions. That time - end of 80s and early 90s - I was more into Mellow and Trip Hop styles. Although I visited the Mother of all Hardcore clubs 'Parkzicht' in Rotterdam from time to time, the spot for the harder styles of the underground electronic music, it was also no the place for Moby's productions. I therefor missed Moby's first part of his career.

With his album 'Play' Moby got the attention of the world, something many of his early fans did not like at all. Not that he produced tracks that made it so big, but because he moved away from the underground music sound; He moved into the pop-ish music sound. This is generally seen as 'going commercial', 'selling out' and 'going for the money'. Also I can have such views towards artists and music producers and I can name quite a few who I so much liked when they moved around in the underground music scene bringing really quality productions and performances, and later went 'commercial' and running after the big money and jeopardised quality for it. Such a shame! But I understand these moves. Nothing lasts forever, so although I can have my somewhat critical opinions towards such behaviours, I accept it. I don't have to keep following them. New artists emerge all the time, who I can give my love and everything for what they create and do!

Although the album 'Play' is a 'commercial' album, I certainly like the album! And on topic of 'quality': nothing wrong with it and certainly good enough to share this with you in my music channel.

  • Artist: Moby
  • Album: Play
  • Year: 1999

I think this album is a good start of the weekend. I hope you agree and enjoy the sounds!

Moby - Play (1999)


Find My Baby
Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad?
South Side
Natural Blues
Run On
Down Slow
If Things Were Perfect
Guitar Flute & String
The Sky Is Broken
My Weakness

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I love this guy!!! tks for share with us about him :-)

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Play is a classic! Moby is a class act, too!

Great one buddy - when I hear Moby- then it is "Go" -for me one of THE ANTHEMS of my youth.

Yep, that is for me also one of the tracks I danced to! :)

Thanks for Posting! Please do more of these. I've started a similar series and I'd love it if you gave it a peek.
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