Adriana Lopez - DEEP MINIMAL Techno at its BEST - SPEECHLESS (music and more inside)

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Sometimes I hear the Techno scene is dominated by men, and this is probably true. But that doesn't mean there are no female artists/producers around? Earlier this week I already posted about Lanouche (here); A techno Lady who produces and plays such beautiful atmospheric deep techno! Today I like to introduce you to Adriana Lopez, a young lady from Colombia, with her home-base in Spain.

It must already be two years ago when I walked in to the best club in the world, Berghain, for another round of ecstatic pleasure. I already heard some interesting sounds coming from the floor above the entrance when going through the protocols at the door and cloakroom. It was early afternoon on Sunday - the best time for the Berghain experience - most tourist home at sleep and too early for the young kids - hence, only real techno fans around. And this Berghain episode, also an absolute FANTASTIC artist behind the decks! While writing this post I get goosebumps all over again, caused by the recording I'm listening to as I'm writing and the memories to this Berghain event when hearing Adriana for the first time.

The sounds Adriana produced and moved through the best indoor sound system I know, was in perfect harmony with my inner self...WOW...what an amazing set I was hearing! I could hardly move, so deep I was drown into the music! Adriana is one of the very few female techno artists who understands what Deep and Minimal Techno is! At least one of the few I know of.

  • Artist: Adriana Lopez
  • Set: Deep Space Helsinki
  • Style: Deep Minimal Techno
  • Year: 2016

In my list of real quality, she propelled herself straight to the top! And she is just starting her career! So more; Much more to look out for!

But long story short, I think you have to listen for yourself to make up your mind about how good (or not) Adriana is!

Oh, and did I tell you she is also very pretty?

Adriana Lopez - Deep Space Helsinki (2016)

...and a bonus, 4 snippets from here last EP in one recording...

Adriana Lopez - Percepciones EP (2016)
note: skip the first minute or two


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Really cool to find you, see that electronic music have a nich growing on steemit... Keep up the good work... Will follow up and up vote =)


Thanks for the vote and follow. I also followed you now.

Thx a lot, really appreciate =)

Full power & rock ON!!!

Thank you!

Nah Super! :)

cool tunes, upvoted of course

Super that you like it. This style of techno is what touches me big time :)

Nice sounds - I do enjoy a bit of minimal techno!

Then this is the girl to watch and listen to :)

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