Election Day in the USA: My Assessment and Prediction

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Americans are casting their votes today in the midterm elections.

All across the country, citizens (and non-citizens and dead people - who vote Democrat - in highly contested areas) are deciding who they want to represent them in the House, the Senate, and as their governors, mayors, sheriffs, and other local positions as well as local bills and ordinances.



The Blue Wave

For months the media has been painting a narrative that Democrats would sweep the House and Senate and turn the whole government besides the executive branch Blue.

They termed this a Blue Wave.

For months I've seen Leftists on Twitter trying to gloat about this prediction phenomenon. The would claim it's going to be a response to the terrible Trump administration - that Americans will stand up and #RESIST.

But I never was convinced that this would happen.

And based on what we're seeing in early voting and polls, the Blue Wave is more of a toilet flush.

I'm not a partisan

When it comes to politics, I haven't been for a particular party for a decade, and when it was it was for the Libertarians (who have since gone off the deep-end and I no longer support).

What the media is trying to do is galvanize the populous into a false dichotomy: "It's either LEFT or RIGHT".

But this isn't the case.

In reality, I'm an independent, politically: there is no single party or candidate that fully represents me. And this is the case for America generally as well. But that's not the story the media wants to tell.

I find the left/right dichotomy to be an illusion, and I encourage everyone not to be seduced by it.



Contrasting the Blue Wave narrative is the Red Wave prediction: that the Republicans will sweep the Senate and handily retain the House.

I'm not predicting this outcome, either.

What I predict will happen is that the Republicans will take the Senate, while the Democrats have a good chance of taking the House.

I don't think it'll be a sweep for either side, but I do give the Republicans a chance of keeping the House as well.

In either case, it's good for Trump.

If the Republicans take the House and the Senate, the Trump admin will have little to no obstruction and he'll be able to get even more done. If the Democrats take the House, they will relentlessly obstruct Trump, but with a leader like Nancy Pelosi, the country will grow tired of the Democratic Party and Trump will win in 2020 with a landslide, and his second term will be the most productive administration this country has ever seen.

In the long-run, it might actually be good for the Democrats to take the House, and it's likely that they will, but also possible that they won't - but either way, the Republicans will make big gains in the Senate.


I do not like Republicans, but at this point there is no way in hell that I could ever vote for a Democrat.

The Democrats are far, far too forgone. The party is completely lost and needs to continue to fail in order for the party to either die or be forced to restructure and change leadership to represent the progressive/liberal wing of the party, which is where the energy is.

What do you think?


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The operative things is that Chump is a democrat.

The political spectrum has gone so far left, that Chump is now considered a Republican.

However, we have never really had democrats or republicans.
Instead they were all politicians. More govern-cement spending more money that they didn't have, engaging in getting govern-cement into more places it never belonged.

The republican plank of small govern-cement was given nothing but lip service.

The democrat plank of helping the poor was nothing but... i wish it was nothing but lip service. The poor are even worse off by the govern-cement "intervention".

what we will see in the coming years is a political party that isn't left or right, it is the party of getting things done/fixed. And it will come along as people demand the politicians do what they said they would do.

I don't know how its going to happen, but i see it.
The thing that Chump changed is that he is not a figure head. He doesn't talk about doing things, he does them.

What he is doing is beyond anyone's guess, but he is doing things.


Do you think the Republicans are turning into the "do stuff" party, because of pressure from Blumph?


No. I am seeing the republican party splitting. The core of the party hates Chump, because they are losing control.

So, either those guys leave the party, or it breaks down. They think they own the party, so i do not feel they are going to want to leave.

The "get stuff done" party will show up in other countries first.
In The US, there is still too much to work through on working through differences between feelers and thinkers.

If I ever show up at the polls again, it will be to write "buy bitcoin" all over my ballot.


Write it all over the walls and windows so the media will report it.

I think I agree with you 100%.
It will play out however it plays out, until it fizzles out. 🤷‍♀️

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Sadly I don't see anyway American politics can remedy this situation. We'd probably have to see both parties fail and new ones take their place. As to whether they will be any better is anyone's guess...