Trying to maintain an election when all the parties are limp.

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DSC_2435.JPGI'm in the UK, so today I have voted, but with little expectation of changing the party in power in my electorate.

It was tough to decide who to vote for, so I acted as though we were a sensible democracy, with a single transferable vote...

Number 1 on my vote would be the Greens, as we need to shake up the parliamentary system and give greater weight to the environmental impact of government.
But the YouGov poll gives them 4% (2%-8% margin) of the vote, so that mean my vote rolls over to...

Number 2 would be the Lib Dems, who I'm still not wholly happy with based on previous performance, but they are the largest party who want to cancel Article 51.
But the poll gives them 17% (11% - 23%), so again we're rolling over to...

My vote number 3 goes to Labour, because apart from the EU silliness, and being part of the establishment problem of politics, have a manifesto I can get behind.
Labour poll 24% (17% - 31%), so even if you were to add on the Green & Lib Dem votes they still can't catch the Conservatives 53% (44%-61%).

Of course, the poll is 2 days old, and it's raining today, so anything could happen.

I hope.

I'd just like to apologise to the rest of the world for the Conservative shit-storm coming from the UK in the next 4 years. I didn't vote for those arseholes.


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