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Everyday Geek takes up the Quest for First Place in the online multiplayer!

Streamed live for the glory and the failure. Will he succeed in mounting the insurmountable? That came out wrong...

Find out in this spine tingling battle for food and length!
That came out right... oh so right!

The live stream is finished but click above for the answers you seek.

Some notable events.

45:45 3-way race on final run
51:50 Ella wants revenge
1:12:13 Race with first place

Special guests The Wannabe Host @shamelwow and The Leafy Green @rom2062 comment and bellyache about being bored half the time.

What plays stays so bring it!

This is a 100% power up post.

I am,

The Everyday Geek on Steemit

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Nothing better than playing some
I love playing the game, it is so much fun haha
Great Stream @dgiors


Thank you. I feel really lucky that my play was on point. Such a fun game to let off some steam.

tha's nice information..great work done nice post sir...followed you,if you like technology please follow back@techinformation


I love technology. I'll give your posts a look.

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