Effort for Planning

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I got a notebook to motivate me. To write down everything I can and think of. To organize my weekly, monthly and daily actions.

You should pay attention to the flow of your life while you prioritize your priorities. What is affected by this flow? Projects with deadlines, legal obligations, needs, requests.

I start my statutory obligations by putting them in the relevant history of the calendar. Unless they have criminal penalties.
In the second stage I place my work in a certain schedule. I'm putting my routine on the calendar.

And then I write my daily routine. After doing this, changes in the daily flow will be a priority change. I'm revising by him. When we live with two children, it is necessary to make quick actions and plan changes. For this reason, I write my calendar with erasable pencils that I do not have to make scribble and I will not be unhappy as I look at it. I'm not a layout lover, but it makes me comfortable to be regular.

After planning this plan for two months, it is very practical to revise and implement the third month. Thus, it is possible to intervene in life with two children and to spare time for themselves and loved ones in rushing and not to disrupt the requirements of working and life.

What are you doing, what kind of planning do you have? That was a lot of time until I found the balance of my life, but I did. Leave me a comment if you have suggestions.

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