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RE: Will monetary reward destroy genuine interactions in steemit Platform? (2)

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@charles1 Great post here, I must say. Let me first assert that the issue of money is key and therefore central to human existential.
The Bible recognises this and states as follows:

  1. Money is a messenger
  2. Money is a defence
  3. Money answereth all things

Every living human being can attest to this fact that money has a lot of messages to attend, many issues of life to defend and many questions to answer. These have led to the love of it and unfortunately, the crave for it gives rise to the plethora of evil on every side of our society, many of which you mentioned in your post here.
We all need money for sustenance and survival in many ways but we must understand that money goes with value. Yes, it so because money is scarce. So as we come into steem community let us bring in value through quality posts that brings knowledge; this will in turn bring the expected reward in monetary term.
Thanks again for this Insight.


Thanks for this comment @uduben , you analysed it well.

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