Education is the backbone of the nation

in #education3 years ago

in the words we have to learn that if we want to survive the spine of the nation,

we will have to learn more.
We have to take education so that education is the only spine of the nation,
Both the country and the nation will have to go ahead. It is not possible for us to continue this nation or this society without education,
so we need to focus on teaching all activities. I have two words to those young people.It is important to give priority to all the nations before education,

so that the whole nation has not been educated and has become a great literary person.

We have often prevented girls from learning, but we do not know that an educated mother can gift an educated society,

If we want to continue without education in the current age of this science, then we will go back 100 more years,

so if we want to go 100 years we will have to acquire education.


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