How To Improve Education System In Kpk!

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Why our education system is not getting success do you know the secret let me share some important facts which i have collected that what need to be improved in our education system and what i have found in my education system so far from my own research in the local Govt Schools !

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As in the last 5 Years the course of the govt are changed From the Urdu medium to the English medium and the teachers are still there from Urdu Medium and they do not even know how to teach to the English medium student and they do now even know How to teach the Courses to the students.

  • As i know a student from my village he Got Fails In 5th class he fails in the Exam he failed Along with 23 Students in the class Out Of 35 Students He Was kick outs of school just by the words that he told the teacher that he said the teacher on his face that its not our weakness its your weakness that 23 are failed out of 35 it 3 were failed out of 35 it will be our weakness but if 23 were failed its your weakness and its your failure and the same student when his dad took him to the other best school he took Good marks in continues 3 exams So what i have found that the teachers are still Urdu Medium they need to make sure to make a survey and they need New Well Trained Staff For the English Medium Course.

  • As i believe that the course are 100 Times harder than that of last 10 Year So How the old Urdu medium Teacher can teach them To the students Yeah Those teacher can be shifted to Urdu subjects and other No English subject which can be easy for them to teach But teaching English is a bit harder for them to teach and it will be a challenge for them to teach the English subjects!

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    Another Change how to improve the Govt teaching skills as the Govt teachers are taking his salaries from the Govt and they admit their kids in the private sectors they should be forced to admit there kids in the Govt school sot they will do there hard work as a teachers their own kids will student in the same schools and they will feel the same for other kids also !


@tinten,yeah one best example i saw is for name the schools will be English medium but teachers only dont know how to talk in English

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