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hello steemians, see me again @steemagriculture, as usual I will chant a bit of my knowledge about how to plant cassava until harvest, I have discussed how to cultivate chili in the home garden, have you read my post earlier? If you have now you can learn about cassava farming.
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all steemit friends, cassava is one of the plants that are very popular in Indonesia and in other countries such as Europe and Africa, even now cassava is very widely cultivated by our farmers, apart from the planting process which is very easy and can also be in the forest kepasa with a very expensive price, want to know steemit friends how to process cassava till harvest, let's see the following review.
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  • friend farmer all, for the planting process we have to prepare the land first, then we make a pound of cassava with a large 1½ meter and a height of about 50-60cm.
  • then the nursery process, all farm friends, we must choose the old cassava stems to be made as seeds, then we cut the stem around 20cm.
  • then we plant the seeds that have been prepared before, the distance between each other is about 30cm.
  • then we plant the seeds that have been prepared before, the distance between each other is about 30cm.
  • then during the fertilization process, on each cassava stem we have to punch a 5cm depth, the point is for us to plant fertilizer, the fertilizer we give with a volume of ½ meal, then the next fertilization period we have to give it if the age has undergone 3 months while cleaning the wild plants beside cassava.
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    friend farmer all, that's the process of planting cassava until it can be harvested, if you like this don't forget to support it, and don't forget to follow me so that you can see the latest posts from me.

greetings from @steemagriculture to all steemit friends.


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