Good Study Habits for Kids like Me!

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For us kids it is sometimes hard to balance school life with friends life and mobile legends life :) Even though, I still manage to work on my studies as I have been in the top 5% of our class. I sometimes fail to have good study habits that I need to follow daily. Many times I'm also out with my friends or on my gadgets chatting with friends or playing Mobile Legends. And so I search the world wide web for ways to help me focus on my study habits. There are a lot of study habits that I found but I only pick few which I think will better help me.

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I think this is very important that we pick a good place to study. A room that is not noisy or dirty so that we can concentrate on what we are reading, writing or doing. Since our house is too small and I share space with my younger brother, most of the time I studied in our room or when I woke up in the morning I studied in our living room when no one else is awake. I always try to get up early especially during the weekends as we play basketball early in the morning.


I don't know what a study plan exactly is. What I understand is that I need to prioritize what subjects or lessons I need to study first. I usually starts with the lesson I have a hard time with, then study a little with the lessons I already know. I think I need to master this, so that I will not cram during exams week, which is unfortunately every month.


This is what we are doing with my friends. Whenever there is an exam, we gather together and share the knowledge with a particular subject. We also practice by having some Q&A. And whoever answers the most gets to have a price. Most of the time we treat that person in local store in our village.


I think this is the best study habits. Just think Positive that when we study hard, we will make good grades and pass the test with flying colors!

How about you ? What study habits could you suggest?

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Your post is informative. kids should follow your suggesion. Thanks sharing.

This is a great message for kids 👍 nice sharing 👍

Thank you sir! I'm glad you liked it.

Great tips! As a current full time college student I think that all of these tips are quite useful. I would add take frequent breaks while studying! This helps to keep the mind fresh and avoids situations where you've read 6 pages and have no idea what's going on. I usually intersperse chores or art with studying. Study for 15-20 mins then load the dishwasher, do a quick sketch, go on steemit, anything to break up the monotony. After a break you return to your studies with a sharpened mind and more motivation!

Thank you for your tips as well. I like that taking frequent breaks so I can play for a while :) @bryanrose23

Great piece of advice

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