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Leonardo da Vinci was a great painter, geologist, anatomist, engineer, inventor and a mathematician. He took inspiration from anything and everything. According to him a man needs to love what he is doing in whatever field he is in. he needs to have inspiration, even if it is just a bit of a, just a mental push to give him a start.
For most people as a wise man said:

"Even staring at a wall becomes more interesting while you are studying"

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For Example:

Taking the example of a child who has his interest in arts, will not take any other subjects as seriously as the one he is serious about. Similarly if a man is listening to his favourite song on the radio he would know every lyrics to the song as he desired to know the words, but he would not care about the one that he does not like.

It was wisely said that:

"Don’t give your opinion about art and the purpose of life. They are of little interest and, anyway, you can’t express them. Don’t analyse yourself. Give the relevant facts and let your reader make their own judgements. Stick to your story. It is not the most important subject in history but it is one about which you are uniquely qualified to speak."

Desire to achieve:

What does a man do when he gets excited about something? He surely goes for it and tries to do whatever it is that interests him, and that is exactly how it should be, one should go for the interests of his own rather than listen to what others want him to do. If he goes for what others want him to do, something that he is not interested in than he will most likely end up with something that his heart will not be satisfied with and he will not feel the desire to do it.

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Going beyond plus Ultra:

A man will go to extreme limits to get information about something that is aching in his heart, something that interests him, something that he would want to know even if he had to go the other side of the world. This is called desire and will to do something. If a man does not have passion or interest in what he is reading or listening or doing than he will most likely not retain anything in his memory for too long neither will it have any impact on him as he will not have the desire to think about it or listen to it again. It means if one does not study with any interest in the subject than it is clearly a waste of time as he would not want to remember it because he does not enjoy it.


In the end, man needs to love what he is doing in order to have a satisfied and happy life, his day to day like will be much joyful if he wakes up every day knowing that he is going to do something that he loves. Life is short and man can only live it once, why waste it on doing thing that will be lost in the memory. Better do something that will stay prominent in the memory.

Ralph Marslon wisely said:

"Happiness is a choice, not a result. Nothing will make you happy unless you choose to be happy. No person will make you happy unless you decide to be happy. Your happiness will not come to you. It can only come from you."

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Beautiful .. Thank you for your words
But education is necessary and find a job is different
Great post‏..

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Nice, it's a good inspiration. It happens that people have this problem most of the time, especially students, but this is a solution. Thanks for sharing

From studying myself to trying to get my kids to study without being pushed, this is so true!
I'm actual fact it is the truth about all things, it is the desire that always shines through.

Think about an extreme likesomeone saying they didn't want to cheat on someone when they did. Part of them probably didn't wat to, but the actions showed that there was a conflicting DESIRE that they wanted more more, and this is what shone through. You may desire sleep, but if you study anyway it means you desired that more and it showed.
Fact is this life is overcoming self.....biggest hurdle and task.

Thanks for post

Plz resteem my post bro

I like the insight you provided in this post. Many times, in life, people just do what their friends or family imply that they should be doing, rather than focusing on their actual interests that will bring them long term fulfillment.