Such a Clever Novel App

in education •  9 months ago

IoT is supposed to stand for the Internet of Things but is more accurately the Intrusion of Technology.

Now here's a great idea. You buy a book and sit down to read with your kids. But that's not techie enough; you can now get an app that will enhance that experience by having your phone add some special effects to the narrative.

Well, the way I read to my daughter was to deviate from the boring story and go off at wild imaginative tangents. We still do, sometimes, but she's learning to use her own imagination - and make silly special effects noises.

Put that in an app!

They probably will.

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Reading books to kids is great :-)


Yes, of course reading is great :-) but the app doesn't do that, it has noises that are triggered by reading the words in the book. It's main function is to train kids to interact with a synthetic "voice" - that's where the funding is coming from. It also narrows the creativity and imagination as the synth only responds to target words.