How I Transferred from Community College To a University in Under Two Years!

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Hey Guys, today I'm going to share with you how I transferred from a community college to a 4 year State University in under two years. It seems like everyone these days is being pushed to pursue higher education, and I am all for higher education if it's right for you.

What some fail to realize however is that there are things you can do to graduate faster and cheaper. This is why I am a big advocate of going to a community college before you commit to a University. (And taking AP Tests if you are still in high school).

It seems that Community College has a bad reputation these days, there is a perception that only dumb or lazy people go there. Well I'm here to tell you that that line of thinking is stupid, and anyone who discourages you from attending one is most likely someone who can't be trusted, (for a variety of reasons). I argue that actually you will have better prepared yourself for success as you will NOT have the amount of debt that your peers who went to an Ivy League or Private school have. Debt is essentially slavery in my eyes, avoid it if you can.

Time Stamps:

Introduction - 0:00
Background - 0:34
Pressure to attend a 4 year school right out of High school - 0:54
Why I went to Community College - 2:15
Staying longer than 2 years - 2:56
How I got out in under 2 years - 3:50
Switching Majors during College - 5:54
You should know what your getting into (do research) - 7:01
How my thoughts have changed on what to major in - 7:29
Don't just do it for the money - 8:33
Why majoring for "skills" isn't really the best idea anyways - 9:23
The key to Transferring out fast - 11:46
Switching Concentrations/Emphasis is EASY - 13:21
Try to major in something hard - 14:00
My Experience with switching concentrations - 15:02
Don't go to college undeclared - 15:50
What to pick if you don't know what to major in - 16:10

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There are many ways to go about things for sure :)
Btw recently discovered your video on Youtube and wrote a little about it.

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