Keeping Lifelines Open.

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I'm sitting here in Centerlink, the Australian welfare offices, once again going through the steps of applying for job seekers allowance. It's not a nice process, but I have to be grateful we have this option while the job markets crash around us. For many the only saviour might be charity, so I feel like it's more important than ever to keep up trying to support some of the charities on this blockchain.

@azizbd runs a lot of projects in his home town in Bangladesh to help those in poverty. His school, @schoolforsdg4, not only offers free education for local children, but does weekly fruit for them and monthly meals for all children who can come, offering nourishment they may not normally have access to. He also does food packages for local families in poverty when funds allow.

His other charity on the blockchain is @womenempowerment, which is a project which trains women, teaching skills which will help them to make a living to support their family.

In Venezuela, @lopzdaniel runs a project called @littledisciples which supports local children in poverty. It is more than just a school for those children, often helping them to buy basic things like clothing and providing meals for them.

These projects show how, for many people in many countries, charities and the hard working people behind them are the only lifeline for many in poverty. I can't offer much to these charities, but I will offer what I can if it will help to keep these lifelines there.

I know I've been lass at posting for this cause and the Steem prices have been disappointing, but that's no reason to give up. As hard as things get, Azizbd and Lopzdaniel haven't given up, so this post is a fundraiser to help keep these lifelines open.

All Liquid funds from this post will go to @familyprotection, @gloriouskids, @littledisciples and @schoolforsdg4 in the form of @steembasicincome shares or donations.


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There are so many ways to share charity through Steemit. It's the most generous platform and people online

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Yes, it's why I really hope it succeeds. There is nothing else quite like it.

It's a real shame the value of SBD tanked. Imagine the good that could be done if it was back to its earlier levels, whole projects could be funded that are now just scraping pennies

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Do you use SteemPeak? There's an option to use a third party service to be able to receive 100% of post rewards as liquid so if you wanted to send the entire post rewards rather than just the liquid half you could. I haven't tried it out because I've never had a reason to (if TeamAus was doing more fundraising that's about when I would have tried it out), just noticed it as a payout option that needed to be enabled on the services page.

It does of course require trusting that third party XD

I rarely use a desktop, so I don't use Steempeak. I'm waiting on a mobile compatible version.
As it stands, I'm happy to let SP build up because I also upvote quite a few causes and it would be nice if it had a bit of impact one day...

Definitely keep doing that :) Lots of people helping a little bit still makes a lot.

true, the price of shouldn't be a hindrance for helping someone. We must endure as of now and continue on doing good. We wouldn't know some steemians will help you.

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Every little helps, as they say. I can't offer much, but hopefully with others offering little bits it will all help.


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Thank you for the support and for your support of the Bangladesh community.

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Thanks a lot for your kind support. @life-relearnt


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Thank you helpie, I really appreciate the support.

It is good to see despite of the lack of value in Steem, the effort to make a difference and keeping everyone updated is still here.

We really hope that this inspires more people to come together and work together to help these under privileged people, especially kids, so that they will grow to be movers and shakers for the world.

Best regards,
Daily Bread Food Bank

so that they will grow to be movers and shakers for the world.

Anything to inspire them to be that!

Thanksgiving heart is the first. 😊
Do come over to read our newsletter that is updated minimum once a month. Some of the children from the under privileged families have volunteered to pack food rations with us with the other children from volunteer families.

Building a strong foundation of humanitarian and moral ethics will help shape a child's future.

Best regards
Daily Bread Food Bank

Here is my tiny 100% UV in return! <3 We can survive if we stick together! :)
Also have you seen @drutter's fundraiser to build a well in Venezuela?

I haven't seen that one, thank you for the heads up. This is why we need community!

Yes, exactly! :)