How To Choose A Name For Social Media

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What's in a name?

When starting an online business or social media marketing for yourself, plan out what you wish to use it for, what name you would like to use (Personal is better, or Personalized)

Tool to use to find out where the name has possibly been used is Namech_k, this will show which sites have or have not listed this name.

When signing up to platforms it is easier to become known by using the same name everywhere; Steemit, Twitter, Facebook, Kryptonia, Discord, Telegram, SteemThat, any other social media places you wish to use regularly.

Colin Sydes is an excellent example when doing a Google Search using his username here in Steemit. This reveals sites and content shared.


A quick check on the name before beginning will save in the long run. Name should relate to who your are or what you do, avoid using 'full stops' between names @John.Smith; use @JohnSmithUSA or name and number, some sites don't recognize the 'full stop'.

Why use the same name?

"The Know, Like and Trust" comes into play, using the same photo and name wherever you go people start to recognize that you are in more than one place, should they prefer to connect in another. Most used tool still in use for images or photo's Gravatar

A site may be down (which happens a lot of late) , by making yourself available in different social media places contact can still be made.

Be consistent with a username, places like Twitter only give 15 characters so you may have to think it out carefully.

It most definitely helps when you are in Steemit and join communities in Discord to make sure you use the same name, and photo for others to start recognizing you.

When people share your content, perhaps they like to add who wrote the content, so sharing to Twitter you are easily able to add the name at the end of a share. Same name saves time.

When someone Google's your name it will show up.

Colin Sydes

It is getting more difficult with more and more people arriving online to select and stick with one name only. Keep in mind you gain traction over time by sticking with that name. If you decide not to use your name, be creative and exciting!

By doing the name check excercise saves in time and money.


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Thanks Joan. I always like to be a good example for others :)


Your use of name is the best, both in being personal and a catchy name that sticks Colin.

Thanks very much. This was very helpful. I just created and steemit account. I should have read known this sooner.


If you really need or want to change @gohomestead I found this article that may help

Nice article! Funny you used @sydesjokes as an example, he was one of the first people I found here.


Been friends online for sometime @herbertholmes and he got using a name right.

Many people need to know this information for sure.


Will post it into @steemthat as well, ran out of time to get it right this time.


Tenacious. - Mention My Name To Start A Rowdy Conversation @binkley

Good article. Your guideline is basically a longer time. In important places, I still have the same nickname


I have ended up with 3 names online and have witnessed how much easier it is if you just use 1 especially when you start @bucipuci


;-). bucipuci is my nick for at least 10 years.

I have two nicknames which are the ones I always use. In fact I am now using just gduran, I am slowly removing the other one.


Due to a well known and very computer savvy author in the USA I struggled with the name, in Twitter I had to use @joanstewart1 since she had already taken and used @joanstewart, plus I had a blog under another name.

I believe the name's Zuma or Malema are not among the more popular choices?

Jokes aside, I see you have put a lot of work and research into this, Well done!


May not be popular, bet you find them on a g search LOL....

Thanks for comment, brought a smile to the dial.

thank you for the great advice!


Starting point for new arrivals @bojakcates

Nice... Thanks for sharing


Information to assist when helping others interested in joining social media @kamimorrow

you definitely make some good points here ;)


Thanks for visit and comment @darkblack

I forgot all about Namech_k. I could have used it the other day! Thanks for reminding me.


They have been around for a long time, has always worked pretty neat.

interesting post...


Your visit is appreciated @sorryjako

Oh I should have read this before create username but I'm okay now but this is really helpful! :)

Cheers from Kryptonia!


Inviting friends into social media, a little something to keep in mind @itsjessamae


Yup. Got that!

Im entertained by its content. Thank you for sharing :)


Information to remember when friends ask to join @marylizacaindoy appreciate your comment.

It's a good tip. Thanks for sharing


Glad you found it interesting @karinzdailygrind

Nice article


Have a wonderful day @ianstevson

As I said before, a brilliant post Lady Joan! Fortunately we don't struggle with our media moniker and it's also very descriptive! Deserves an upvote!


When assisting youth at the charity to develop online identities the links in the article are freely available for part of learning @papilloncharity, and yes your name selection is very befitting what you do.


Will keep this in mind Lady Joan! Thank you!

Thanks for the info.

Very good idea to use the same name so that you will be recognised easily!


It helps in more ways than one @dianadee thank you for your support and comment.


Only a pleasure!


Hope it helps @crytocheta when helping others to join up.