Evolution controlled by supply?

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We have placed as human beings in an intensive evolution proceeding from our years in the planet land, removing to an own control where from we want to come. Nevertheless, we have forgotten the universal behavior of her relate between nature and to be alive or on the contrary we have obtained a development or evolution according to our "animal" instinct.

Let's remember a bit what we were reading in our years of students of secondary, where they were indicating us that we were deeply rooted deeply with the animal world, being classified as primates that we share a history interlaced with the apes, since, some experts informed about findings fossils with pieces dental similar ours since it is the case of the catyrrines. And for in, they instructed us in the evolution of the man from features of animals that acquire characteristics similar to ours at present, things that were found for more than fifteen million years and still they last in our educations.

Now then, let's analyze a bit the environment for which there has been developing the evolution of the man proceeding from daily transformations of the same nature, in the beginnings the food of our forebears was consisting of fruits and leaves, that is to say, soft and favorable food for his body; nevertheless, the transformation suffered as for climates and natural aspects of the own land, directed the man to a modification in his food diet producing with this a transformation of the characteristics of his body. For example if they had to consume hard food like roots, grains, tubers between others, his dental cap had to change, to consume the obtained in his moment and this way last or evolve together with the motherland.

It is for it that arises the question, we have one evolution controlled by our supply?, for some the response will be that the advance of the man has been necessary for the intelligence and development of the same environment; from my perspective I think that we have evolved to adapt to that one that consumerisms and for which we continue in this world … the food.

Well, that the advance of the humanity is of major depth, since, we include technology and materialism of the own modernization that we have; but imagine, that in these instant like human beings we do not take care of our body with regard to the consumption of nutrients that we give him, we would be in the total aptitude to come up to where we are… or perhaps we are not proceeding from constant transformations of our forebears, that his only worry was his food, certainly we have evolved for better our way of life, which must be interlaced attending to the worthy consumption of what needs our body for the existence of the humanity. The specialists in nutrition affirm that the development of the intelligence humanizes it is possible in his normal capacity, due to an excellent supply and due to it I ask you again, perhaps we do not control our own evolution with this affirmation; the man needs to adapt to the world in the one that lives to continue his existence and with this I refer with a healthy and possible adjustment in the whole brilliance of the alive being.

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