Is education too commercialized nowadays?

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Good day fellow steemians and welcome to my blog of how explicitly education has been commercialized nowadays

Generally speaking, the level at which education is converted from services to businesses nowadays is a growing concern for the society. Education can only be deduced to be way too commercialized by considering the pons and cons of its commercialization.

Of course, education is way too much commercialized nowadays. Higher institutions nowadays see imparting knowledge as a means for economics ends(returns).

Before further discussions, let’s take a glance at what “education” and “commercialization” is.

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Education is the process of imparting, receiving or acquiring knowledge, skills or ideas either formally or informally.

Commercialization in an ordinary parlance simply means the application of business methodology in any activity with an expectation of economic return.

Commercialization of Education
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Commercialization of education refers to when an act of imparting, learning and acquiring knowledge is perceived as a way of creating an enterprise for the purpose of attaining economic ends or returns(profit).

Naturally, education should be seen as a way of disseminating knowledge which will constitute into job creation rather than to be seen as a mechanism for procuring a better standard of living by acquiring economic return.

The commercialization of education has a serious effect which is so vague that it goes on undetected and one of its worrying aspect is that the interest of youths and the kind of education that brings out their full capability and potential is sidelined.

Also, the global commercialization strategy of higher education has resulted in the creation of a serious competition between the fruit-bearing capacities of education as opposed to its light-bearing quality.This adds to the notion that students are consumers of a service for a very specific apparent purpose which is to gain access to a well-paying job hence, attain a high standard of living.

Furthermore, knowledge should be imparted in those who finds it based on freewill to promote the level of education in a society rather than being used as a way of exploiting students by commercializing education to earn economic return as it is done nowadays.

Also, the fact that institutions and students both lives in a commercialized world nowadays makes every degree of teachings and learning no matter how small it is, valued based only on monetary terms instead of being valued on psychology term. That is, the level of understanding.

How commercialization can be curbed if not totally eradicated:-
Government should intervene by taking into consideration things that are yet to be done presently rather than doing things that have been laid hands on already thereby correcting the deficiencies of anomalies.

They should carefully plan, improve financing and establish an empowering policy structure in order to make higher education equitable, accessible and qualitative hence, redefining the role of state in higher education.

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