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Want some direction towards more successful posts on Steemit? Read on my friends!

It's an easy process to join Steemit and make a post. It takes something more to create a post that earns a good reward.

For many of us, writing an article is something we have never done before joining Steemit. I know that is true for me. I had never wrote an article before, the reward just wasn't there.

Luckily Steemit came along and got me motivated enough to start learning and writing.

Steemit has shown me that anyone can do it. Because I did. That means you can and will too.

But wouldn't it be nice to have some knowledge to help us along?

Luckily knowledge is free if you know where to look.

I know of 10 courses on Udemy that are sure to help you along the path of Steemit success.

Best of all, they are all FREE!


Course 1: Motivation! How to End Procrastination Once and For All by William Pena

Firstly, you need to get motivated to succeed here. We are all procrastinators. There just isn't enough time in the day to get every single thing done. So we put things off.

The thing is that unsuccessful people put off things that they really should be doing. Successful people procrastinate about the right things. They achieve results that matter, while the other guy hasn't even started.

In this course you will learn:

  • How to Motivate Yourself to Do Anything You Want
  • How to Identify the Most Powerful Motivation Drivers that Will Help You Increase Your Motivation
  • How to Use the 4 Most Powerful Types of Motivation to Get Yourself Motivated Anytime and Anywhere

  • 2foundationsofsuccess.png

    Course 2: Foundations of Success by performance coach Ian Richards

    Hopefully you are motivated and ready to change your life. In this course you will understand two psychological characteristics that will enable you to succeed. Not just on Steemit, but in life.

    That's the thing about improving your skills. It tends to make you a better overall person.

    Take this course and learn some tools to grow and maintain the success. Just be aware this is basically a course to try and funnel people into paying for the larger course they have.


    Course 3: Write What you Know by R. L. Zeck

    “Write what you know” is what most people write about here. The thing is, that can lead to you eventually writing “all you know” and have no idea what to do next.

    If you only have time to take one course, take this one! You will learn how to spot writing ideas in your everyday life.

    What most people think have no potential to be an interesting story can actually be a gold mine of story ideas!

    I know I thought my life was tedious and boring. That no one would ever want to read about it. Not true. I just didn't know how to convey it properly.

    This is an amazing course to banish writer's block forever.

    You will learn:

  • Spot story prompts in your everyday experiences
  • Use your prior knowledge of the world of work to come up with stories
  • Identify the stories in experiences you have and haven't had
  • Learn the questions that turn these things into story plot points
  • Learn the three Story-telling Questions that convert those plot points into a logical, satisfying story outline.

  • 4masterstoryelements.png

    Course 4: Master the 5 Key Elements of Story by TD Storm

    TD Storm teaches that the actual writing 'skill' doesn't matter much. What makes for engaging story-telling is knowing how to create momentum.

    Momentum means that your readers can't stop reading. They just have to know what comes next.

    You will learn how to increase your story-telling ability.I'm not saying you are going to be as good a writer as @ezzy is. But maybe one of us will be able to keep him on his toes! :D

    If you take the keys he teaches, you can use them in any story you write – fact or ficition.


    Course 5: Beginners Guide to Writing Poetry by Karen Silvestri

    You can earn good rewards with original poetry here on Steemit. I have. I have also wrote a few duds.

    But each poem was something I nurtured from a spark in my head to a complete work. They are my literary children. Something I created.

    This is important to me, as I am not an artist. Poetry is how the rest of us can use words to build up powerful imagery.
    This course will teach you how to get started.

    Try writing some poetry, you just might surprise yourself.


    Course 6: Quote Images for Pinterest, Facebook, & Instagram (and now Steemit too!) by Anna Lind

    We have all seen them before, a quote on a beautiful photograph.

    Or some small quip that gets shared all over Facebook.

    It is also a great way to provide some great visuals to your article. You could create an image of a key sentence you have written, to drive home the point.

    Anna provides over 30 sites to find free stock images.

    Nothing mind-blowing here, just how to make some great images for free.


    Course 7: Create Stunning Infographics to Share Your Ideas by Diego Martine

    Since Anna showed us how to create some basic pictures you might want to do some more advanced stuff.

    Diego has a course that will have you making great infographics for free!

    The same information he provides will also have you making kick-ass graphic pics of all sorts.

    You will end up with high-quality images – so worth the 30 minutes it takes.


    Course 8: Time Management for Bloggers and Freelancers by Tom Witzek

    With all this great information you might find yourself without enough time to get it all done! Not so true if you take this awesome course by Tom Witzek.

    He will teach you how to get more stuff done in less time.

    Prioritize your tasks so that you will remain focused on each one and actually end up with free time. Instead of the distractions of emails, texts, notifications, YouTube, and more causing you to lose focus while you work.

    How I struggle with this. I have a full time job, a wife, two kids under two years old, and side-hustles. Time just seems to vanish before I get anything done.

    This was badly needed information for me. Now you can learn it all too!


    Course 9: Introductory Photography Course by Chris Bay

    Another great way to have a successful post is to display your amazing photos! It sure helps to live somewhere with tons of natural beauty, but a photographer with enough skill can turn photos of everyday things into incredible eye sustenance.

    If you have no idea where to start, this course by Chris Bay will set you off on the right direction! He teaches the fundamentals of working your DSLR camera, but even if you just use the camera on your phone you will learn about composition, lighting, exposure, and plenty of other tips.


    Course 10: Enhancing Photos for Complete Beginners by Simon Foster

    There is a little trick to nearly all the best photos – they have been touched up! This course by Simon Foster will go over the basics of editing your photos in any just about any software.

    He has created 10 bite-sized 5 minute videos where he teaches each way to enhance your photos. Because, let's face it, if we are just starting out we need all the help we can get.

    I hope at least some of these courses will help you out. I always want to be learning something that will assist me in becoming better at things that mean a lot to me.

    Act fast as the creator of these courses can remove them from the free offer at any time!

    If you found this information useful, let me know and give me a follow!

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    Alright, get your learning on @insteadofmoney!

    There is a wealth of information in this post....LOVE IT!!! Thank you so much :)


    That there is @tamaralovelace. Make sure to grab all the courses even if you don't have time to do them all right now.

    I'm letting you know I found this information useful :)


    Ah, you jokester. Well, maybe only on the photography part. :P


    no, actually I have a lot to learn, but I'm too lazy to improve. Time management is something I don't do at all :D
    On the photography part though, I already know what's been said there.

    Great post! Thank you for sharing such wonderful courses with the community! I really think that empowering the community to better itself (not that it isn't pretty great right now) will truly benefit everyone.
    voted,resteemed and bookmarked, so I can easily get back to the courses about writing that interest me!


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    You're welcome! We are all new to something. :D

    very good informative post


    Hope you learn something :P

    Great info. As a new Steemian - I thought getting to know the platform would be intuitive. However being successful is not. Some basic I have not mastered yet and it seems time consiuming to figure when I just want to post something and move on. In the end it is procrastination. I see you have a section on that too. :)


    Being motivated is a HUGE thing, so of course it's there. :)

    Anyone can do well here if they keep at it. They can do it faster with better knowledge.