Steemit Education: The concept of Needs and Wants in our Private and Community Life?

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Most of us complain daily of not having the best apps at home, on steemit or any other platform. In fact, we all want many things in life be it the best partner, expensive cars, more wealth and the best platform to make money with all the fancy apps known to mankind –which makes life easier for us.

According to Lindsay Price

A need is something that a peron must have in order to thrive. Without it, that person will suffer either physically or mentally. Some examples of needs are: air, water, food, warmth, rest, health, shelter, security.
A want is a choice. A desire which a person may or may not be able to get. Life will continue if a person doesn’t get what they want.

The conundrum, however, is –do we really need all the things we want? What value will what we want add to our wellbeing and most importantly, to mankind and our environment at large? Here are some few points:

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Prioritize according to your needs: We can never get everything that we want especially if it is not really needed in terms of long term value creation. Therefore, we should write down all that we want examples, 3 new expensive cars, 2 expensive houses , most expensive mobile phone and laptop, private jet , private yacht , beautiful women / men etc and think if we really need all these things even though we might have the money (crypto money)- after which we prioritize our wants to what is really needed. Reason is that we have to think of creating a lasting legacy by investing in people and not vanities.

Creating a lasting Legacy: we all are visitors on this planet earth ie we are on transit and will die one day (no need to fear, it’s the reality) therefore in order to create a lasting legacy we have to focus on what is needed by the community (clean water, job, security for the weak, education for the poor etc) and focus less on the flashy things that we want personally.
Moreover, avoid trying to get all you want by all cost which in extreme cases can lead to stealing, drug dealing and even kidnapping.

Steemit newbie wants: With regard to steemit, I came for the money and stayed for the community, knowledge and new friends I make here daily. Unfortunately, most of the new people on steemit want it all in the 1st month. This is due to expectations after seeing the trending and hot pages or what they were told about the platform. Therefore to succeed here (patience and consistency are important), focus on the fun, contacts and knowledge you will gain here and build your contacts gradually, read and comment prudently on established posts in order to learn how things are done - and all your desires will come true -however it will take some time.

What do you think? send in your comments, resteem and upvote in order to send in your support.

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A well explained post about needs and wants . Now is the time for most of us to concentrate more on what we really need than our personal wants ...again, thanks for clarifying the issues.

Thank you and I wish you more success

A great thought charles1

I agree completely!

You agree with what?

When we stake a claim to the needs and wants of our life, we may easily fail to live up to the standards of others. Empathy and connectedness, however, might bridge the gap, by stirring our consciousness of the sensitive queries and by assessing the intricate framework of our surroundings with their countless, prickly nitty-gritties.Happy is the man who marries the woman he wants; happier is the man who marries the woman he needs.
Thanks for uploading one of the most debatable topic loved the post.

Good comment, thanks

Most of us complain daily of not having the best apps at home,

They do?....Whiny bastards !

People in the west are so pampered, it embarrassing.

( as I stand majestically on my moral high

Lol, good point.

At first, newbies think that earnings in Steemit platform is so easy, including me honestly, just drop a post then leave as we do on facebook or instagram. But a week or two week after we realize we're wrong. Steemit is more than just post and earn... it's about powering up thr community. I am glad and lucky to join Steemit.

Point!!! thanks for your comment

This world is just a stopover place, die for all human beings. before that time comes a lot to do good for the next generation. investing in education is a noble job. Many of the world's population can not access education because of the poor.
I'm new to Steemit, my orientation is to share information and self-development with friends in the world. who does not need money, everyone needs money, but money is not everything. @mukhtarilyas #mukhtarilyas thank you @charles1 #charles1

Good points indeed, thanks

I like what you said about investing in ppl not vanities. The relationship stays when stuff fades...

Getting my needs met means hard work and persistence, and only on rate occasions kid napping (when I take worms from one home to another ;)).

Our needs being met are core to happiness. And it’s all about connections!

My partner and I share this account and have noticed a lull on steemit lately... but also in the ever growing ever stronger network were a part of.

Thanks for the reminder of the importance of patience and consistency.

Good points indeed, thanks

I think you should always add value to what is read and seen by your readers. It does not matter if you are writing a blog or answering someone. Whatever you want to express should leave something of value.
Greetings from Venezuela @ charles1

Good points.

You're right, I am newbie on steemit,first sign in I think like your said, but until now i still consistance to repair my writing and mindset to continou my journey in steemit. Thank you for share... Great post

welcome and success here

The first I apologize for reestem this post, my permission give a little comment as what i experienced and colleagues as newbi in this platform. why I am interested in this paper and mereesteem, because our vision is the same. educate the public about this platform. I just joined in february, but I feel different when inside. is inversely proportional to what is actually. $ = the hardwork I posted on my blog.
Secondly, I also promote to this platform students so they write, understand hard work. to ease them forward. we must be consistent with our previous intentions, writing for the world.
third, there are interesting things here when sustenance can be calculated. this is a very wrong mindset, I agree with the opinion here, self-conscious, conscious form and accept what it is that we have to uphold. Pattern of life without accompanied by hard work = 0.
Thanks for the enlightenment, sorry if there is something wrong with my comment.
Lastly, I expect your criticism for my post, link

Welcome to steemit and I wish you success

Agree, for friends, knowledge, yet money! Thanks for sharing..

Totally agree and couldn't agree more. What is important is what is needed to make it in steemit which is constant engagement, genuine contents and patience while pushing your want of money and fast reputation to the background. Nice one..upped

welcome ...more success

I I totally agree! I think we should appreciate things we have and extract the best from them. Also, patience and persistence are very important aspects of life, Steemit too. Also it's good to train your brain to want what you need and make certain limits/aims that can be achieved.
Have a nice day - @tonac :D

Thanks for yur comment

I could not be more for contus contus words dear friend @ charles1, life is not as simple as one believes, we must have a lot of vision and behavior as to carry forward life including those of our relatives, as steemit every time they are but the people begging the vote and do anything to get it.
As always excellent work dear friend, many thanks for sharing these reflections

Thanks for your comment

initially so curious me about the information from friends how we share the post but also get the dollar in return. with postingsn postingsn like this will definitely help for beginners to get closer and understand about steemit.
.......... .. the success of steemians ..............

Good read! Thanks for your concern for us newbie. Surely we need support and advice and lots of upvotes :)

আমাদের অধিকাংশ বাড়িতে ভাল অ্যাপ্লিকেশন না, steemit বা অন্য কোন প্ল্যাটফর্ম না দৈনিক অভিযোগ।

I think, humane only if there is a desire people to quickly grow and have what he wants. But, if it gets instantly, I think it's not good for the development of his attitude in the future. Because, everyone who has succeeded and got what they want it all passed through with a long process. It is impossible for a newborn child to be able to run as fast as the moto GP! Finally, what we need is patience, and running what is. Thank you for your attention @charles1.

Good point, thanks

Yes.. It's deeply true

what is true about the post, did you rea it?

Muy informativo, gracias por compartir.

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what is good about the post?

I have fallen for the community of steemit, it was all about money but i love how supportive the people with the right intentions on this community can be, it starts to feel like home and family.

Great post.... some very good points here.............

Upvote Ya. Karena Sebagian Penghasilan Saya Akan Saya Sedekah Buat Anak Yatim

I am very motivating with your word @charles1
I will follow what you say.
Thank you for your helpful postings.

what is good about the post?

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