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We have to recognize it, sometimes we stop doing important and necessary tasks in our daily life. Fear or the famous laziness dominates us and the will to do a task passes, the tasks are postponed and we say "I will do it later", it is then when we see that task, project or particular situation, and we ask ourselves: Do I do it right now? Maybe later? We even stop doing them intentionally, other times, time doesn't allow us to do them..


When talking about this subject I remember my high school journey, I was always a shy young woman, my heart would beat a thousand times a minute in some situations, my hands sweated and it wasn't because I was in love, let's say it was what is called stage fright, and it was always manifested in front of a debate or an exhibition or any activity that required me to stand up in front of a group of many people who looked at me, this undoubtedly generated in me a great anguish.
I refer to that moment in my life, because I clearly remember that in those specific circumstances I intended to get out of the situation quickly, took a deep breath with the intention of dominating fear and said to myself: "Here I go, it's better to get out of this quickly" so I swallowed that difficult task once and for all and then I felt calm.… .


How many times do we undertake a project, start a business, and perhaps do not conclude it for fear of inexperience or uncertainty, missing the opportunity to know what would have happened? In other cases we are so busy with other tasks, work, the children's school, family and we stop doing the things we should have done, leaving them behind until they become an accumulation of tasks..
"if the first thing you do in the morning is eat a frog, you can spend the rest of the day with the satisfaction of having left behind the worst." -MARK TWAIN

Our personal administration is fundamental in all aspects of our life and time becomes a double-edged sword for the execution of activities, which is why it is important to leave behind the postponement and indecision, which inevitably lead to the accumulation of tasks. As the sentence above says, an infallible technique would undoubtedly be "eat the toad" which represents that most difficult task that we refuse to perform or that we want to leave last on the list. The organization of time, of our activities is going to allow us a greater productivity in all the contexts in which we develop.

So what do you do to stop postponing tasks and taking action?
"There is simply not enough time to do everything on our to-do list. Successful people know it's impossible to do everything. But, crucially, they know how to prioritize tasks in order to complete the most important ones every day. According to an old saying, if the first thing you have to do every morning is swallow a toad, then you have the satisfaction of knowing that this is probably the worst thing you will do all day long.."

In order to do this, we could consider some aspects taken from information consulted on the subject, which could surely work if it is applied with determination.

  • The best thing you can do at the beginning of the day is to take steps to solve that task that has you worried, the one that spins in your head. Carrying out that task considered more difficult and complicated, will make you feel at ease to do the rest of your activities in a more relaxed way.

  • A good option is to plan your tasks for the next day, and establish them as goals, this will allow you to see what you have achieved and what you lack, you can write them down and even eliminate them as you carry them out, this will help you feel relieved and motivated to carry out the tasks on successive days.

  • When you do a task, concentrate, put all your attention on it, do not give space to another activity that may take time. If you're doing a post, for example, and at the same time you're scrolling through your social networks, you'll surely find something interesting and your main task will be relegated to the background.

  • When the task is very extensive we can stop a little, listen to some music, relax, walk, ie, disconnect to return with more energy and be able to conclude it, according to what was consulted is something like a reward for oneself, which is not bad.


Brian Tracy, author of the book "Swallow that Toad", outlines some strategies aimed not only at making decisions, but also at prioritizing the tasks we are going to do, those we are leaving behind, defining the objectives we want to achieve based on discipline, this practice will allow us greater productivity in all aspects of daily life, since, as we carry out the planned activities, the results will be better, greater and in the established time. It should be noted that this author focuses his strategy on productivity, ie the ability that must have the individual to concentrate on a task to do and complete it, for him the action is the key to success supported by determination! I will do it! So there is nothing left but to say "Let's swallow that toad", every day, every morning, let's not think about it so much, time is short, life is short and success awaits us.

by: @luces

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In today's world of accelerations and various difficulties, it is not at all easy to accomplish the goals and tasks we set ourselves. And in my country, Venezuela, subject to all imaginable limitations, it becomes more uphill. However, we try to overcome ourselves and move forward.
I've never been able to beat time; it's like my great antagonist. I am aware of that, and, as I know, there is nothing worse than forcibly trying to confront a contender stronger than you. So I tolerate it, I move to and fro, and I carry it from my possibilities, trying to stress the least.
I make my priorities, but it is not always possible to maintain that order. So I also try to be flexible in front of it.
Thanks for your recommendations, @luces.

Thank you @Josemalavem for always commenting and giving your opinion, it is not simple is true, we fight against time and we want to beat it, although it is not easy, setting priorities would help us greatly, the challenge is to fulfill them fully.

  ·  last month (edited)

This is a very painful topic for me. I have stopped doing so many things.
Sometime so much postponing makes the pursuit of the thing preposterous.
I think that in my case the fear to a negative outcome is aggravated by th kinds of people you have to go through to get to your goal.
In a country where politics rule, where meritocracy is non-existent, where hypocrisy and insecurities turn profesionals into gossipers, it is really difficult to materialize academic, profesional or personal projects unless you are a good "diplomat".
I am not.
I am too honest, most of the time, and the anticipation of a conflict paralizes me, thus ruining the achievement of a goal.
Another factor that kills my projects is taking care of more things I can handle, especially someone else's. I usually put aside some of my own project to help a friend or relative and that is the begining of the end for my goals. Time is a bitch and we can only do so much.

It often happens friend, it has also happened to me, when we undertake a plan or a project we go back thinking that it can go wrong by not trusting or delegating functions to those around us, but then come the regrets and doubts of how it could have been. Fear sometimes paralyses us, in other cases what has been started is postponed until it is left unfinished. It is something complicated, quite a challenge

The challenge is to be constant as long as necessary, to understand that everything is a process and that the results are the end of that process. One of the mistakes we make is the constant change of objectives to achieve and this only exhausts our energy and enthusiasm. People live doing what we are used to doing, our habits give us the results we have and when we are constant applying a certain action we turn it into a habit. many say that what is needed to reach the goals is discipline, I say that we need more self-esteem. Without realizing it, many people don't think they really deserve what they want and therefore, they never achieve it.

waoo I loved your comment friend, very true what you say, very clear and direct, leaving one task unfinished and start another can cause frustration, has a lot to do with having clear what you want and how to get there, no doubt that attitude can lead to abandon what has been initiated. as they say you have to believe it and do it.