Kief Edibles- Brownie, Oreos, Peanut Butter

in edibles •  6 months ago 




Gotta love it

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Good Gosh! Whose invention is this?!
Brownie alone is already divine! Now this is a combo of super rich and yummy! You’ve got to walk a bit more!

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I used some improvisation on this dessert and lemme tell you, it came out fantastic. Much tastier than I anticipated

Ooh! I ought to have a piece to taste! Mind telling us the recipe! Are you going to finish the whole tray by yourself?!!

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Im new to baking and this was much easier to make than it looks. Just gotta bake your brownie then when its done spread some Peanut Butter over the top .. split the Oreos in half and put the side with the cream face down on top of the peanut butter and brownie

Okay! Thanks a lot! I am rotten at baking. Just had a tray of totally flat muffins last weekend. I have better give these to the birds tomorrow.
I’ll have to get ready mixed brownie at the shop! Not even certain if the brownie will get cooked properly! But I love to experiment!

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