I got my book, then took a poorly-lit selfie which you will be blessed with now.

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Me hiding behind the book in #edhead style. Gonna post this on twitter and hopefully get some Twitter attention for STEEM

Hi all,

Yeah, lighting was not the best, but I got my shoulder lined-up ish, so I'm not doing that again. It took long enough already.

As I said a few posts ago, I ordered the book. It has now arrived and I have already started reading it. It's certainly interesting. I must say that when this was all happening I was still rather young, so I never really realised. Because of this, as I am reading this, I am learning a lot about what I missed due to being so young.

I'm also probably going to post this on twitter with the #edhead tag, to see if we can drum up a bit of attention on twitter. Who knows?

Anyway, something BIG is coming soon to my account. Be sure to watch out for it!

It was a bit of a pain getting, not due to the nature of the book, but due to the fact I was redeeming a book token in the transaction. Amazon doesn't like book tokens, so it took a bit of extra effort and I had to find and settle for an old fashioned bookstore that had an online version. I must say, their technology isn't too bad, but I did notice that their emails weren't encrypted at all, which is quite unexpected in this day and age. The bookstore I ended up choosing has no stores in Scotland, so it travelled well. Luckily it got no damage and was in very good condition.

Thank you all,
Have a great day,
~ @cadawg


Wow, Christmas coming and you got yourself a SNOWden. LOL jk. I won't have the patience to read that but feel free to tell me his story and such... I'll pay you !BEER

I actually lived through all that controversy, but was busy! I watched the Snowden movie and learned a lot!

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Cool. I've already learned a bit and I'm only 2 chapters in!

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A book token! How very 80's! ;0D

LOL. I got it for free, so I'm not going to complain. LOL.

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Looking forward to the something big coming.

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Yeah, you should be!

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Hi, @cadawg!

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