Do you think it a good or bad idea to bring children into this world in these troubled times?

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I believe its definitely a good idea to bring children into this world at any point of time. Be it today, be it tomorrow.

The world is in trouble, no doubts. Since the evolution of mankind on planet Earth, each day is a add on for number of rapes, child abuses, human trafficking, violence and the worst imaginable. The number is increasing every single day. But all these negative scenarios happen due to human beings who are psychologically & emotionally sick hence they end up making the world a bad place.

Let me tell you something very simple and right :

The solution for heat is cold.
The solution for darkness is light.
The solution of a bad thought is to replace it with a good thought.

Just in this manner, the solution of bad people is good people.

Have children. Parent them right, make them superheroes and save the world. If there are devils out there, the angels must also be brought into existence by giving them birth.

Imagine Planet Earth for a moment without the human beings.
No Rapes
No Human Trafficking
No Thefts
No Murders
No Violence

Just our beautiful planet with all its glory to make life possible.
So the planet Earth in itself is an awesome place to be at.

Now add the humans to Earth: Your picture will change and it will be a bad one, no doubts.

But can it be changed?
Yes it can be changed by bringing good people into world, by giving them birth and parenting them right.

You must be thinking I will have to protect my child first from all the odds of the world to raise him\her to be able to fix the world later on.

You are right, you will have to protect your child but won't you like to be parent of a super human?
Won't you like to save the world?
Don't you want the mankind to exist?

Do your part.
Have children and try to be a good parent.


You can also answer this question from your perspective. A very thought provoking contest sponsored by @eco-alex as part of his ecotrain project : Check it here


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Solution is simple.... but still very challenging.

Please don't get me wrong: I love your response. Agree with it too....

But that's why I'm going to go contrarian on this, mores to challenge my own thinking too....

What do we mean by "parent them right"?

That's where we start to get into some dicey territory. Who determines what is the 'right' way of parenting? I teach my daughter about living in a way to minimise waste, not to pollute the planet, accept ethnic/cultural/racial/religious difference, accept different sexual-preferences and gender norms, etc... and yet there are people who would say I am "brainwashing" my child with "greenie-leftist-cultural-marxist-postmodernist agenda".

I may disagree with their point of view, but I'm still 'conditioning' her to think a certain way is 'normal', and that views different to that are not. Now the thing is, I'm not explicitly teaching her these things, but she is modelling them based on how I choose to live my life.

If those people who disagreed with my perspectives were holding government positions, they might use the laws to take my child away, or even lock me up....

So yeah, maybe modelling kindness, compassion, tolerance, etc is 'good' thing.... but what about those parents who are maybe finding it really really hard to cope...? Who are too stressed, over-tired, etc to feel compassion for anyone else because they're living day-to-day in survival mode? I actually see this a lot with my work.... and what they're modelling to their kids isn't necessarily great... but they're doing the best they can with what they have.

These are reasons, not excuses.

And yet, I can see that they adore their kids, in those moments where love shines through. But those moments can be few and far between. Who am I to judge on how they're parenting? Just like I would hope no-one judged me on my parenting.

Just some thoughts........ 😊🙏🏽☯️


wow I never thought this way, maybe because I don't have children yet.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts so genuinely with me, It has impacted the way I think about this matter.


🙏👍👍😊 agree

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I have rather opposite view, don't bring children in this world. Earth is already getting crowded. Let that 'hero' be born to them.

When children takes birth, there is unimaginable pain to his/her mom. Some people say, we want to bring children into this world so they can experience the pleasures of this world, meanwhile pleasures don't exist without pain. So why bother?


pain and pleasure go hand in hand. Without pain, we won't know what pleasure is.
That is why everyone should be given a chance


The story goes on. At after some age nothing gives satisfaction or meaning to life rather than giving good life to children.

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Love it, SO simple yet you Hit it in a way that i didnt read yet..
i Really like this bit:

The solution for heat is cold.
The solution for darkness is light.
The solution of a bad thought is to replace it with a good thought.

Just in this manner, the solution of bad people is good people

thanks for joining us on this QOTW~!


I also love that portion i wrote :D
thanks for hosting this contest :)

This is so sweetly matter-of-fact. "If there are devils out there, the angels must also be brought into existence by giving them birth." But angels aren't so much born as raised into being, through love and consciousness. And you make that point so well: ' raise them right!'.

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yeaah raise em right , thanks for stopping by nd reading :)


Agree 🙏

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