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When I was living in Ireland, I attended an event that changed my life. I was invited to attend a wise woman's gathering, it was open to both men and women but was being led by 4 women living in Ireland. They were women who we would identify as being wise in that they have lived full lives and had a desire to reach out to other people and share what they had learned. They all shared a common goal and that was in bringing people together.

They each spoke about their lives, one woman had a great knowledge of herbal medicine, another woman was a activist, another was very involved in celebrating the Seasons, the Celtic Celebrations, another Woman spoke about the changes she has seen happen in communities and families. There was a lot of time for questions to be asked and for discussions to take place. It was a very inspiring event and along with my friends we felt that is would be a great idea to set up a woman's circle where we lived.

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Whilst we were having this conversation, I began to talk about a book I was reading called 'The Sacred Whore' about all the Shelia Na Gig's in Ireland and the strong female history that goes with them. I noticed a very elegant, older woman walk over towards us. She asked if we lived local, which we did and she asked if there were any woman’s circles happening in the area. We told her that we were just discussing how to start one. She then introduced herself. My name is Maureen Concannon and I have written a book called 'The Sacred Whore'.

There are times in your life when things happen which let you know that you are going in the right direction. This was definitely one of those moments. My friends and I all looked at one another and we just smiled. This was the beginning of the Wild Women Of Cork. Attending that gathering made us all realize how much knowledge we were missing out on, by not sharing space with women of different ages and from different walks of life.

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The way we live today, we tend to move away from our families in order to make our own way in the world. A lot of the time, we become so busy with our day to day lives that we don't really connect with all of the people that are living around us. We certainly make friends with some, but I think it is quite rare now days to get to know the whole community around you. When we decided to start these circle, we wanted to make sure that it would reach out to the wider community and not just something our friends attended.

The goal was to be supportive and share our wisdom and skills. For women to see each other not as competition, not a body or a mind to compare ourselves with, but to see one another as sisters. We are meant to be lifting one another up, no matter where we come from or what we look like. We are meant to nurture ourselves and one another. We are meant to come together to acknowledge our differences and celebrate them.

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We created a safe space where women, could openly talk about what was happening in their lives, allowing ourselves to open up, to become vulnerable. To talk about our fears and to let them go. We made it very clear that what we talked about in the circle stayed in the circle. That if someone got upset that we allow them to do so, allow all their tears to flow. We encouraged everyone to be as silent or as loud as they wanted to be. We would always have an activity to share, be it making mask's, painting, making chocolate and by doing this it allow us to bring down any barriers that may be present.

We talked, we laughed and we shared many tears. Every time it was different, every time it was unexpected in the way that it moved us all. And every time there would be different women attending,who heard about it from somebody else or were just curious to see what it was all about. Each one of those women brought their story, their wisdom and we were all the better for hearing and sharing it.

Sitting in a circle we are all seen as equal.

Coming together, sharing stories, songs and dance is nothing new to us.

Creating a safe space to be, to support, to allow our femininity and masculinity to come into balance

It is a way to empower ourselves, to heal ourselves.

It is a way to Celebrate being a Woman.

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I hope you have enjoyed reading this as much as I did writing it, if you have please check out some of my other posts.

I am part of the ecotrain, if you wish to read great content and be inspired please check it out. It is one train that is full of very diverse and creative passengers.


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Very good article I'm in technical documents at the moment a little bit of natural organic reading lifts the spirit up thank you @trucklife-family for your sanity blog !


thank you @blacksheepblog, happy to bring some natural celebration into your life. x

oh, my dear @ trucklife-family. Life always brings us something we do not expect! First of all, I can't tell you how I am grateful reading this article right now! It might happen that you yourself is a sign for me. Just a couple of days ago we have been discussing with one of my friends to organize a gathering of women to celebrate International Women's day! Life is full of wonders! I am also writing an article on women just right now and so happy to see that what I think and how I live by is shared with you! Much blessings, my dear soul!

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Yeah what a great way to celebrate International Women's day, thats what it's all about, that and every other day to. We need to unite. Much love x

Womens circles are so important sometimes when we're feeling unheard. So important for women to consciously hang out with women and men to consciously hang out with men. A while back i was feeling that i only have female friends and was bored with womens circles not including men, but the universe brought me a situation where i am constantly surrounded by men and machines, so now I'm gagging to be part of womens spaces again!!! Ha! Ha!


I hear you, It is so important that we all sit together men and women, but every now and again as woman we need to come together and share and support. I think we need to actively get back on to having more women's spaces xx

Oh yes. Women's circles are so delicious. I really, really miss them.


They are so important, I miss out on alot now because i'm so busy, but I need to get involved againx


I love this concept! I have two granddaughters whom I would love to impart wisdom and knowledge to. I hope we can develop that kind of sisterhood relationship.


thank you @stillwatersart, it really is important to come together as women and support one another and share our wisdom. I do hope you get to find a way to share your wisdom with your granddaughters, maybe start a women's group!