My life and The Lessons I have Learnt (What lessons will you take with you for your potential next life if you die tomorrow!?)Eco-Train Question Of The Week

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What lessons will you take with you for your potential next life if you die tomorrow!?

I needed to rephrase this question in order for me to feel comfortable answering it. So I chose to talk about My life and the lessons I have learnt. Why?

Because I really believe that all our energy needs to be put into living the life we have right now, that this is the one chance we get to really live and become the person we are meant to be. To not look to future lives, but to understand that the choices we make now are what matter, what we are feeling now, how we are treating others, our impact on nature right now is all that matters. I sometimes worry that some people become too complacent, because they believe they only need to achieve certain things in this life and that in their next life they can focus on the rest. But then that all really depends on what you believe life is all about, do you think you need to achieve certain things, do you believe in future lives?

But the question is not about future lives, it is about the lessons we have learnt and wow there have been so many. One of the earliest lessons I learnt was that life can be painful and that those who you thought were meant to look after you, to care for you do not. I know not a very nice lesson, but one that shaped me all the same. Life can be painful, it can hurt a hell of a lot and we can get lost in that pain for a while. We have to allow ourselves to feel, allow ourselves to explore that pain and then let it go. Because holding onto pain is more damaging that how we came by it in the first place. It took me a long time to fully let go of the pain I experienced when I was a child, part of me was afraid of who I would be without it, because it was embedded so deeply within me. But in letting go of that pain I allowed the other parts of myself to flourish. I have learnt the importance of pain and also the importance of letting that pain go.


Alongside of that pain though, has always been my constant companion, my relationship and connection with Nature. But this is something that has always just been, I don't see it as something that I learnt but something that just is. I came into this world with that connection and I maintained it. And that has been my saving grace throughout my life. It has kept me grounded, kept me whole, kept me safe and kept me living a conscious life.

I care deeply about the earth and all her amazing beings, that love that passion is what ignites me. It is the spark that shines within me and I get to feed it daily by being of service to the earth.

Once you are open to that connection, then your heart is open and with that you feel things deeply, you feel the subtle and not so subtle energies of other people. Because of that it can at times be difficult to have boundaries put in place, because it is important to feel and to remain open. But without those boundaries you can become burned out, others can consume you and use you and leave you feeling a fraction of your former self. I have learnt that in life we need to have clear boundaries put in place so that we can protect ourselves and also protect others. It is an act of self love to protect one self.

I have learnt that we need to accept and meet people where they are at. We can not change anyone, their journey is theirs alone to make and we can spend time trying to influence,trying to change someone but we only end up hurting ourselves and hurting them. We have to accept them for who they are. For years I yearned for a father who cared, but that is not who he is, he is the man he allowed himself to become and the minute I was able to accept that, to accept that I would never have a loving father then I could move on and I did. I freed myself from that burden and I stopped feeling let down all the time. I have learnt the gift of acceptance.

me and fharraige and solas.jpg

I have learnt that our bodies are absolutely amazing, that we are all amazing. When we actually sit for a minute and really appreciate what these awesome vessels do, it is mind blowing really. I mean seriously just sit and think about all that your body has to do to keep you alive, to keep you mobile, to keep you functioning. It is bloody amazing and wow, if only we could all acknowledge that and give our bodies the respect and honour they deserve.

I have learnt that my body can birth all by itself, that everything I needed for birth was what I already had. I have the strength and I have the faith in my body to birth my children and that by doing that I became so empowered. We are told so often that we need others to help us, we are told that others know better, have a greater knowledge. Yet birthing is not about what you learn in a book, or what someone tells you. It is an ancient wisdom that all women carry with them and we just need to tap into it, tap into it and feel that power and believe, believe and surrender to the act.

I have learnt that in living a minimalist lifestyle, that my life is full of riches that money simply cannot buy and my appreciation in life is all about the simple things. That when we let go of things, we allow more to come into our lives. Life needs to flow and when it flows, we experience the abundance that comes with it.


I have learnt that I am the creator of my reality and that what I do and what I belief shapes the way in which I live. That what I project out into the world is what I receive in return. It is my actions that define me.

I have learnt to let things happen naturally, to not try and rush anything, to surrender and trust in the process. To live in each moment and be grateful for all that I have, for all that has come my way.

I have learnt that our children are some of our best teachers, because they help us remember what it is like to be fully aware, to be fully alive. To really experience life and express how they are feeling, they do not hold back. That the best things we learn are those things we teach ourselves.

I have learnt so much that I could just keep writing, but my children need me and I have learnt that they come first, that being a mum is one of the most important things that I will ever do. It is how we raise our children that determines the future of our world. Being a mother is such an important role yet it rarely gets the honour it deserves. So I have learnt to praise and honour myself and in doing that I also praise and honour all the other mothers out there who are raising the next generation. You are all warrior goddesses xxxx

Big shout out to you @solarsupermama, for inspiring me and being such an extra awesome kickass mum, this world needs you more than you know xxxxxx

What have you learnt? I would love to know xxxxxx

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I have learnt that I am the creator of my reality and that what I do and what I belief shapes the way in which I live.

Congratulations! Many do not learn this. Everything that you experienced has made you and shaped you into you that you are and wow what an amazing person has it created 💚💚💚

wow thank you @zen-art, today has been a very emotional day for me and you have lifted me up with your very kind words, much love and respect wonderful woman


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You’re welcome and cheers to you.

Thank you so much, beautiful mama!! You are such an amazing treasure. Your authenticity and openness, your goddess power, and your divine connection to this planet and your body are so super inspiring. Love you lots!!

love you super mama xxxx

I think all the lessons that you have learnt is so powerful that they are so ingrained on your soul that you undoubtedly will take these lessons into your next life. I hope we meet in the next life by virtue of Circumstance.

thank you so much beautiful, yes indeed may we meet again, but first in this life xxxxx

u rock,, Nice one to another great Warrior Goddess!

thank you my lovely friend, thanks for being so inspiring and healing xxx

Sometimes I think I know these things (everything you say here resonates with me deeply) but also part of me knows I am still learning these lessons. I am a stubborn one. Reading this gives me hope that I will one day be able to say yes, I know this and truly believe it. xx