Celebrating The Forests Through My Words And My Photographs

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Oh where would we be without the trees, the lungs of the earth, the givers of life

We have become so dependant on them, yet do we really value them, do we show them the respect that they deserve. We need the trees to breathe, to clean the air around us. We need them to build. To create fires so that we can cook food that sustains us. Fires so that we can sit around and share our stories, sit around and create music. We need the trees for food, for nutrition. The leaves and flowers give us medicine. The fibre is used to make ropes and clothes, the sap for wines. But even more that all of that we need the trees for our own spiritual growth.


When I am amongst trees, I am at peace. I can feel the magic and the energy that surrounds them. They connect us to the earth. Standing so patiently observing and dancing in the breeze. They hold the wisdom of time, the knowledge of the area that they grow, they have bared witness to all that has gone before us. They give us so much and ask for nothing in return.


Yet our relationship with forests has been one one of destruction. Down through history we have eradicated so much of the native forest in the world, just so we can become, more civilized?, so that we can become more advanced. We can not survive without them, So why do so many act as though we can.


I know that I am not alone in my passion for the trees, with my desire to protect them and help others remember that they are the true elders of the world.


In Ireland, the druids and Celt's used an ancient alphabet called the Ogham, I have written about it before, one of the most popular is the tree Ogham. Each symbol (called a fedha or few) represents a letter and the corresponding tree or shrub it is linked too. These symbols were also used to communicate the underlying wisdom and energy of the tree.
This was a time when the people of the land where connected to it, a time when there was a deep understanding about the vital part trees play in our existence. A time when they understood that trees were sacred, that they had many lessons to teach us.


Trees remind us about the importance of renewal, the importance of letting go in order to more forward. They show us how to be patient and still, simply by being in their presence. They show us how important it is to have strong roots but yet remain flexible.


I wrote this poem a few months back and entered it as part of the Steemit Vision Quest, I have since added to it, and now I wish to share it again, as it ties together everything I have just said.

The forest calls me,
The trees are calling me home,
My energy raises ,
My heart spirals towards the sun.

Extending my roots
Connecting with the life force of the world.
I feel the waves of gratitude
Swim out from me
into the earth
Then grow.

The wisdom held within here,
The many voices
Heard amongst the breeze.
Time stands still
As the magic starts to weave.

Light begins to shimmer
Shadows dancing on the leaves,
Many sounds are carried forward,
Now is the time, to listen to the trees.

Of a time when all was peaceful,
A time when balance was at play.
No threats or violent clashes,
Just moving forward with every new day.

A time of living simply,
Of sharing space with every living thing.
A time when all were fully connected,
when we were at peace and eager to sing.

So listen now to all the tales,
Drink up every word.
It's time for us to honour and remember,
to rectify all that has gone unheard.

To begin to replant that which has been lost,
to reconnect and start anew,
For if we wish to live in harmony,
each movement,
must start with me and you.


This post is in response to the EcoTrains International Forest Day Challenge, you can find out all the details right here.

It should go without saying, that we all should want to protect the forests, but somewhere along the line money and profit where deemed more important. We are living in a world that is exploiting nature at an alarming rate. So now more then ever it is our actions that count. What are you doing to educate those around you, to educate your children about the trees that sustain us. What changes are you making in your daily life to support a world that honours and respects trees. Every change that needs to happen, must start with you.

All of the photos are mine and were taken within forests in Ireland, Malaysia and Australia

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Beautiful pics!
Love that piece about the ogham too. I didn't know each symbol represented a tree as well.

thanks so much @stortebeker, it was great to go back over some of these shots. I hope you are well x

Doing all right, thank you. :-)

Such a BEAUTY-FULL entry to the Forest challenge @trucklife-family Am currently sitting here completing my own piece, and just enjoying the whole expanse of images, feelings, words and creativity this challenge has unleashed. Super nice post! 🌱💚

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thank you @artemislives, it is such a wonderful challenge and one I could write so much more on. Just like you it has stirred so many feelings, emotions and memories. I look forward to reading yours x

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what a nice forests pics you posted @trucklife-family.
when I´m inside a forest, I feel so much peace, indeed whe I was in amazonian forest, that was one of the more joyful moments of my life . Haven´t you feel the same when being in a forest?

Thanks @byronmushrooms, yes I have a great love for the forest and I got to go to the amazon once, it was such an amazing experience xx

lovely post, a good one to real slowly.. and beautiful poem!

forests hold the wisdom of time, yes! i love that line!

thank you Alex, thank you for the inspiration xx

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thanks so much @naturalmedicine for your support xx