The Decision Around Procreation in Today's World...

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Let me begin this post with the statement that "choice" is one of the most powerful known abilities of the human race...

Within the human experience there may be no other currently known or more powerful abilities than free will. Choice applies to many known aspects of the human existence and it is perhaps the most controlled mechanisms we have within this earthly life. Not everyone believes in free will, but I happen to believe that free will is what drives our destiny. While we all have a destiny - it is the power of our choices that determine that destiny. Free will and destiny are forever intertwined by our choices we make every day. Destiny is never decided from the inception of mankind. Our everyday choice is what carries us towards our decided destiny.

So what about when these choices come to the concept of procreation? The ramifications of this specific choice extend well beyond the specificity of one individual or family. The total fertility rate around the world is dropping from around 4.6 per female in 1950 to about 2.2 per female in 2020 (according to a study conducted by the United Nations in 2004).


In virtually all sections of the globe, from developed nations to undeveloped, the birthrate among women has been decreasing. In order to maintain current population statistics, the birthrate needs to remain at 2.1 births per female. Above 2.1, the population rises; below that, it declines. Among the advanced industrialized world, the birthrate is already well below 2.1. In middle-tier nations such as Mexico and Turkey, the birthrate is falling but will not reach 2.1 until between 2040 and 2050. In the poorest countries, the birthrate is also falling, but it will take most of this century to reach 2.1.


So what is the reason for this? Could it simply be "natural process?" One in which the world has already subconsciously begun its "natural re-balancing?" Or could it be the fact that post-industrial era families no longer need larger families to conduct life's daily activities and functions? The days of "tending to the farm" are a bi-gone reality for those living in most of North America, Europe, parts of Asia, as well as other segments of the continental globe. Is it simply no longer logical to have many children?

All these questions aside, what does today's modern person decide? My attempt to answer this question lies within the discussion points that follow...

Let me state first that I do not believe in passing judgments on others for their own choices. My belief is that everyone is walking their own unique path in life - one in which they need to walk in order to obtain a higher spiritual evolution. So with that point stated, I will not take a position on the topic of whether or not people should choose to have children or not. That is not my place of judgement. I will however lay out some facts to which I do have strong beliefs around the topic.

I will state that I believe the world is viewed through each perspective eye to which it is perceived. Some view this world as cruel, evil, war-plagued, and self-serving. Others of more enlightened views see the world as beautiful, loving, and full of vibrant energy and opportunity. It would be easy to see how those whom view the world holistically as "evil" might lend to the aspect that children should not be brought into this dim and ill-spirited existence. Yet, those from an "enlightened" perspective might look at this point in our human existence as an opportunity to bring more "consciously aware" beings into the world to help raise the overall consciousness of the human population, thus bringing more light and a raise in the overall human consciousness.


The deeper question of whether or not to have children to me lies beneath the surface of the question. What do you aim to accomplish in this life? What are your specific purposes? To this day I believe that Aristotle understood it best when he said, "Where your talents and the world's needs cross, there lies your vocation." What do you as an individual want out of this life? Do you want an opportunity to provide a better "group consciousness" to this world by raising children that have a higher level of awareness and ability to raise the overall consciousness of the globe? Or do you subscribe to the belief that the bringing children into a cruel world is an unjust and unfair punishment of innocence?

Perhaps we shouldn't look at it under such a microscopic lens...

I believe that the overall consciousness of the human race will continue it's evolution regardless of the decisions of individuals in the hear and now. Whether there are more humans living on earth in the future or less, or if the conditions are perilous or prosperous, it may not matter. We are all interconnected whether we realize it yet or not. What needs to happen in this world is going to happen with or without natural progression or individual decisions as to whether to procreate or not. The spiritual evolution of human kind has been in motion since the inception of our conscious awareness. We are inside these temporary physical vessels for a short while, yet our immortal souls and energy will continue well beyond this physical existence.

It is my understood truth that we "exist" within this physical realm but for a brief time...over, and over, and over again - until we have learned enough of life's lessons to which we are then afforded the opportunity to return to "The Source." Call it "God," "The Universe," or "Your Higher Self." We will continue to exist within these physical bodies until the "Earth experience" has been learned to the fullest. The learning of loving each other, showing kindness, forgiveness, and overall respect towards our brothers and sisters as well as the life provider that is the Earth.


So when pondering the question as to whether to have children or not....simply turn within and seek to understand if that is part of "your life plan." Is it part of your earthly existence to learn life with children or life without them? There is no absolute as to whether or not we should or should not. Even if the world turns worse before it gets better...who are we to decide whether or not our children need that experience as part of their "collective life experiences?" Life isn't always about the positives. Sometimes we need to suffer in order to find our own way. Suffering doesn't have to be an absolute. When you see life as a continuous "immortal" experience, it makes these deeper and more important decisions easier and less heavy. Know that we each are going to live again. No matter how short, long, stressful, or blissful - our lives are a collective of all experiences - all of which are "required" to gain the fullest understanding of our human existence. It's quite an amazing thing when you see it in this way...

Rest easier knowing...our human existence will carry on as necessary - until we no longer need bodies through which to learn through. Then it will be onto a new learning experience - one that may not contain a need to procreate but will likely continue to have important karmic needs and balances; with or without physical bodies. For now rest easy...

Simply live life...experience it - if children are in your future know it is meant to be. If they are not, also know that it is meant to be.

Take life as it comes and do what feels right for you. My advice is not to dwell on the past and never worry about the future...

It's all going to happen as it needs to...the present moment is always what matters most...



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Some sound spiritual thoughts on the subject. I think we can get so worked up over our inability to control other's actions or to be a be to have an impact on things. The only thing that can settle us is that acceptance that we can only control ourselves and what will be is meant to be and is all part of our learning path.

Thank you for this reminder. I have been trying to come back to being more mindful and reconnecting with the spiritual side.

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Well said. I often bring myself back to the fact that all we ever really have is the “present moment.” We don’t even always control that but being mindful of it is so important.

Glad you’re here with us. Best of luck on your spiritual journey - no one path is the same so enjoy your own ;-)

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Great post!

A lot of people will second guess bringing a child into this world due to the worlds problems. While I can understand that perspective, it should not be the deciding factor. I am glad you mentioned your "life plan" as I think that some of us have children because we are meant to and others do not because they are not meant to.

As far as population goes, I have no doubt that we are a plethora of under soft kill programs from normal fluoride, chem trails, vaccine, etc all the way to social engineering and mind control. I personally do not have the world view that the planet if over populated and polluted beyond it's means. We should always strive to respect mother earth and her resources, but not fall for the social engineering propaganda steering us in a direction wanted by those in "control". The agenda of these people are clear. Take the Georgia Guide stones as just one of many examples.

I’m with you on the mind control aspects. I always seek to understand before simply “going along with” what others say. Mark Pascio has really opened up my perspective on some things. I’m up to episode 16 now. Still a LONG way to go to get caught up but it is such good stuff! The suppression and control of mankind is difficult to see, but seeing it is the first step to solving it. Slowly but surely we will get there.

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That is good that you do. Listening is actually a skill that is sorely lacking in a lot of people. I also understand that not everyone will share my views, especially concerning population... but I have done my research on these things and that is where I currently stand. I am always open to new information though :)

That is cool that you are still listening to Mark Passio. I am curious what he has changed your perspective on. You are right about the suppression of mankind, but I agree we will free ourselves, one mind at a time!

So glad you decided to join the @ecotrain challenge! Yay! And impressive stats. "There is no absolute" and "Consider if it's part of your life plan" - both huge and important take-homes. Nice contribution.

Thanks for the kind comments. I hope to be able to contribute at a higher level with the ecotrain community. I’m passionate about life and trying to raise the consciousness and perspectives of those looking for insight. Hope to contribute more and continue conversations with you and the rest of the community.

Be well...

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Thank you @eco-alex! Yes, I’m Steelctyboy on discord. We’ve chatted a few times ;-) I’m thrilled and excited to be able to hop on the train! There are some times that I’ll be contributing weekly and maybe multiple times a week but I’ll definitely aim to be an active member. Appreciate the official invite!

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