War On Consciousness

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Whoever found the lost knowledge from the previous civilization that went back to caves 12000 years ago, after the cataclysm, killed everyone who figured it out, and is still in power today.

Since bowing to golden statues is to obvious today, as humanity slowly starts waking up, they give us other false idols to worship and fear.

They burnt all the witches, fucked up JC and many before and after. Anyone questioning the authority is burnt, crucified, or today, they put us in cages in rape-camps to teach us how to be civilized.

Isn't it weird that all of the masters are cousins? Obama is 11th cousin of Bush etc.

Evidence shows that there are 13 ancient families; pharaohs and kings, who still rule the humanity today.
Now they gave us the ingenious invention that separates humanity in half, called democracy, that gives us an illusion we are not being farmed. Their greatest invention ever, that made the biggest blood sacrifice in recorded "history" was communism. And confused monkeys still fall for the same mindfuck today?!

It looks like humanity has been manipulated ever since.

The "prophets" were just people who awoke to higher awareness.
History has nothing to do with history.

Someone really does not want us to discover what our true origins are.

It is war on consciousness that is waged by tiny percentage of philosophical zombies; sociopaths who are highly intellectual, but do not develop feelings. They are not lizard people as insane Alex Jones claims.

Alex just cannot get what a metaphor is. The reptile part of brain is the most primitive part, that is all about the survival of the fittest. They just think that if we let them win, they have all the right to win, and we are just dumb animals. Since they do not get feelings, why shouldn't they?

I know a sociopath. She just gives you what you want. Tells you stories you want to hear. She doesn't see anything wrong with that. She gets what she wants from you, through manipulating you, but you are happy to be manipulated.

Why don't you stop wanting?

They are doing everything to ridicule and supress the science of consciousness. They call it woo-woo and train academia to not see it.

You can call it a satanic or dark occult like Mark Passio describes it.

They use feelings against the entire humanity they program from birth.
You can buy manuals on how to manipulate masses with fear. Problem-reaction-solution.

Masons and Zionists are the main 2 groups connected with that ancient cult.

But you cannot stop the evolutionary impulse no matte how hard you try.
People start waking up.

Meditation and psychedelics unlock the real "I" in us. Once the door is open, there is only one way to go; within. Into the infinity of your inner universe, where you find the pure potential.

You become the master of your universe and trivial monkey instincts of fear no longer block you from learning, evolving and melting down the entropy our of chaos.

But enough about that. I could write about this forever.

So... we can't build pyramids today and they tell us Egyptians, the survivors who came out of caves after 1000 years of floods and lack of Sun, who found pyramids, built it with bronze tools? Interesting connection to this question could be the Arc Of Covenant, as hypothesized by Graham Hancock.

How the fuck cavemen suddenly start building something like that?
Gobekli Tepe could be over 30k years old... and it was buried on purpose, so why don't we hear about it in main stream? Hunters built it? With their sling-shots? :D

Luckily main stream is not the main stream anymore.
People like Joe Rogan, although still quite confused, are more mainstream today than idiotic TV.

There are so many things! These rabbit holes seem to resemble the fractal of our true reality; no ending, no beginning.

We are programmed from infancy with baptisms and other cretinism; belief, that there is a sociopathic god, who will burn you in hell for eternity when he doesn't like to watch you masturbate to often, because he loves you... what? Belief creates your reality. If they could only leave my reality out of it.

How about instead of getting some perverted satisfaction from watching us, god stops impregnating wives of humans to give birth to himself, so then he can commit a suicide, in sacrifice to himself, for the sins of humans he created and knew the plan from the beginning?

This god is clearly a retarded sociopath, just like our masters. Could this story have something to do with the brainwashing? Since this is number 1 example to follow... it figures how pharaohs, kings, presidents and other emotional retards can be masters of life and death for 7,5 billion people... and it is considered a civilization, right?

So they are not sociopathic actors hired by their high priests? OK. Show me one politician in history of humanity that delivered what promised. Only one.

I don't believe a garbageman who does not deliver what he promises, so why nobody is questioning this sect, that is hallucinated to be the "necessary evil", while it is just NECESSARILY EVIL?

Necessary for who?

Get them while they are infants, so they will never be able to see the cage, right?


These are the last people who should be considered an authority... just because they want the power to control... but hey, our "god" is a retarded emotionally sociopath too, so I guess it is for the best? "In god we trust" says the god; a government.


I know how it sounds... but there is so much evidence, it is obvious to me. I don't like woowoo, like that freak David Wilcock... but when serious scientists, geologists etc are being ridiculed... and there is no way to question their findings... something really stinks.

Fucking Bilderberg? WTF is that?

Let's leave it at that.

Straight from the horse's mouth:
horses mouth.jpg

If you are interested in off-grid living, homesteading and alternative lifestyle, check out my other blog @lostambores, which is about my every day life in nature; growing, farming and becoming self-sufficient.

My blog @evolutionnow is about Voluntaryism; mainly my critique of ideas that threaten freedom and respect for each individual.

I believe that every interaction between humans should be voluntary. I want for each individual to be the only controller of their lives and their property.
I am an individual. I want to create stuff for myself and others. I want to be rewarded according to how my time is useful to others. My life is mine. I own myself. What I create is extension of me. My time is my currency. I can exchange it or keep it. It is my capital. I do not believe in imposed authority.
Labels that fit to my individual choices make me an anarchist, a capitalist, a voluntaryist, but most of all, I AM AN INDIVIDUAL, who does not judge your value by the status you achieved in an imposed, imaginary collective. No matter who you are; if you respect others, respect me, I will always respect you.

I know I am the only owner of my life, my time is my capital.
This is what I want. It is the best for me. I don't care what the collective wants me to do. I choose to interact if I wish. I am the owner of me.
I do not want to harm others in ANY way.
Please do not impose your rule on me.
Tread on me or others and I will feel morally obligated to stop you.





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"Consciousness is the faculty of awareness — the faculty of perceiving that which exists.

Awareness is not a passive state, but an active process. On the lower levels of awareness, a complex neurological process is required to enable man to experience a sensation and to integrate sensations into percepts; that process is automatic and non-volitional: man is aware of its results, but not of the process itself. On the higher, conceptual level, the process is psychological, conscious and volitional. In either case, awareness is achieved and maintained by continuous action.

Directly or indirectly, every phenomenon of consciousness is derived from one’s awareness of the external world. Some object, i.e., some content, is involved in every state of awareness. Extrospection is a process of cognition directed outward — a process of apprehending some existent(s) of the external world. Introspection is a process of cognition directed inward — a process of apprehending one’s own psychological actions in regard to some existent(s) of the external world, such actions as thinking, feeling, reminiscing, etc. It is only in relation to the external world that the various actions of a consciousness can be experienced, grasped, defined or communicated. Awareness is awareness of something. A content-less state of consciousness is a contradiction in terms."

Ayn Rand, Introduction to Objectivist Epistemology, 37

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