Soaking Your Nuts For Optimum Health

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Diet Hack You Must Know About!


If you love to eat nuts such as pecans, walnuts, almonds, brazil nuts, cashews etc, then you know how versatile they are in the diet. Vegetarians and carnivores alike can often agree that nuts are an ancient superfood. Chock full of vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin E, folate, iron, zinc, potassium and magnesium; nuts are also a good source of fiber, and many are an excellent protein source. Regardless of the variety of nut, they make a great healthy snack.


Did you know that properly preparing nuts can maximize nutrients and optimize their health benefits, as well as render them easier to digest?

From my favorite cookbook, "Nourishing Traditions":

....the habits of traditional peoples should serve as a guide. They understood instinctively that nuts are best soaked or partially sprouted before eaten. This is because nuts contain numerous enzyme inhibitors that can put a real strain on the digestive mechanism if consumed in excess...

Nuts should be soaked in salt water over night and then slowly dried on a low heat setting in an oven or a dehydrator.



As you can see in this photo I also treat my seeds the same way. Drying with the walnuts and pecans in the oven are pre-soaked sunflower and pumpkin seeds.

...This method imitates the Aztec practice of soaking pumpkin or squash seeds in brine and then letting them dry in the sun before eating them whole or grinding them into meal.

From "Food Enzymes for Health and Longevity":

Almost anyone can eat several nuts without feeling any effect. But it is common knowledge that nuts are "heavy on the stomach' if consumed in substantial quantity. The enzyme inhibitors in seeds explain the mystery, but they were not identified until 1944.

I use a heat setting of about 150 degrees F/65C to dry them. With a dehydrator this temperature is easy to obtain. In an oven that doesn't go that low, you can set it at it's lowest setting and keep the door cracked open to release excess heat. They typically take between 4 to 6 hours. Alternatively if you live in a hot dry region, drying the seeds and nuts in the sun would be lovely.

Once your nuts and seeds are dry you can store them for several months in airtight containers (walnuts best in the fridge)

And you can also make lots of amazing recipes with them such as carob chews,
a nutritious energy bar:


1 cup nuts of your choice (finely chopped)
1 cup sunflower or pumpkin seeds (ground and chopped to bits, almost into a meal)
1/2 cup carob powder
1/ 2 cup raw honey
3 tsp. vanilla extract
1 tsp. sea salt
1 cup dried unsweetened coconut meat

Mix the finely chopped nuts and the seed meal together
Mix carob, honey, vanilla and sea salt together
Add honey mixture and coconut to the nut/seed mixture
Spread and press into a parchment lined baking dish or cookie sheet
Refrigerate a few hours
Chop into bars and enjoy!


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Thank you for the reminder, I used to do this a couple of years back but I became lazy and stopped! I think I might invest in a dehydrator.


Oh yes i do like to use my large dehydrator for big batches!

meh frig cheetah i gave u an upvote just for that title.. made me pee mah panties,,


I soak them every evening and use them in the morning to make a smoothie:
1 hand-full of some sort of nuts (or mix) soaked overnight
fruit mix I am into that morning (apple, banana, avocado, pear...)
1 tea spoon of chia seeds
3 table spoons of soaked barley (yes, raw)
1 tea spoon of hemp seeds

This holds me from 7 up to lunch at 11:30.


Very nice! What do you like about the barley? I use it in stew sometimes but haven't herd of it in a smoothie...

In India, it is practised a lot. We soak it in water in the night and in morning have it, either whole or peeling top layer off. But I never knew or read that so much can be done with them.

Thanks for this information.


Glad you liked the post! That is interesting! Yes I like to make a large batch and have them on hand for using in recipes.

Nice advice! I knew about soaking cashews and almonds for mylks + cheese imitation, and sprouting seeds or beans for fresh greens, but hadn't thought about the nutritive difference! I have heard that raw pumpkin seed is antiparasitic, I wonder if this applies to soaked seeds?

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Good job @cheetah, it's all good here though! Soaking your nuts is popular among foodies and followers of the Weston Price tradition, including Radiant Life and many other home chefs. Great article by Radiant Life, I had not seen it before, I will check it out! I hope my followers will be inspired to read about my experience with soaking seeds and nuts.

Hi @schoonercreek. Very interesting article! So soaking the nuts and seeds makes our body able to reach way more of the valuable nutrients. The drying must only be done if I want to store the "ubgraded" seeds, right? I could also eat them "wet" could't I?


You could eat them wet, but they are much tastier once dried! I have certainly ground freshly soaked nuts to make a sort of nut butter before, but they also make a very nice nut butter after drying, more flavorful...


Êxtraordinary insights. Thank you very mcuh!

Thanks for the tip. We eat a lot of nuts so it’s good that they can be soaked and dried in big batches and last a while.


Thanks! Im glad it could help you!

Did you know that properly preparing nuts can maximize nutrients and optimize their health benefits, as well as render them easier to digest?

No I didn't know this! I do believe they recommend storing nuts in the freezer to keep them from going rancid.


Yes! It has changed my life! I do believe that by soaking and then drying it actually may increase their shelf life a bit more too (accept walnuts which are still recommended to be kept in the "refrigerator")

Hi ❤ your post is lovely and informative. Thank-you kindly for sharing it! Really useful informative info. I have invested in a stash of nuts and seeds which i am excited to dig into soon. As its all in storage as i am moving soon. Big Time happy dance over here 🐒🍌


Awesome, thank you! Im glad you liked the post!!


Funny enough! I was in training this weekend and my mentor, the class facilitator, brought a nice sized container of 'activated' almonds for us to share! She did this method you shared here!! They were so yummy! Quite a unique flavour! Not just dry roasted taste but a subtle fermented tang to them! So cool. 🗻


HA! nice! Thats great to hear, almonds are my favorite... MMM


Right!! I'd have a hard time choosing a fave!! I screenshot the recipie above, sounds like it will be super yummy 😍

Wow, I never would have thought about soaking my nuts before eating them. That would mean I need to be on the look out for raw versions to make sure they're sproutable. I've tried switching over to sprouted brown rice for that increased gaba, but guess it's time for me to step up my soaked nut game. Thanks for the tip!


Thanks for reading! Yes we do buy raw nuts, not roasted nuts. Might be able to buy them in bulk?

Resteemed! Amazing article. Thank you for the recipes as well! I am going to try this with my dehydrator:) to the bulk store for raw nuts!!

Thank you for this information, as a vegan I love to eat nuts.


np! thank you!

This is interesting, I am “allergic” to almonds, but can drink almond milk and eat pasteurized almonds. I can’t eat them raw along with many other tree nuts.
I even had my skin tested by an “allergy specialist”. I even have an epi pen because of my reaction to tree nuts.
I wonder if this would work. 🤔