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RE: Celebrating Healing Plants - Issue # 4 - Fireweed (Epilobium Angustifolium)

in #ecotrain5 years ago

Ya I always just recognized it for being one of the first to populate open grounds like from fires and I just love it's beautiful bloom then the other year I got my first try of fireweed honey. Loved it! Then hearing about the fermented tea and all the other benefits. I knew I could eat the young shoots and that is what made me look deeper into the medicinal qualities.


"Fireweed honey", sounds like a good name for a band or maybe a singer/song-writer!!! =)
I just hope people who are less experienced use a field-guide before doing wildcrafting...


Yes, that's the big thing about using common names. People know totally different plants with those common names. That is why I include the Latin name and pictures so hopefully it saves some of the confusion.

That was a good thing! =)


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