The underworld and our forgotten roots.

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The underworld and our forgotten roots.

Underworld… That word scared me for a long time. The unknown shadows and the mystery of the unseen. The elemental forces ruling the lower densities and dimensions were not that attractive to me.
I preferred flying with the angels, invoking the divine Light and dancing with Spirit.

The last years, it appeared to me that this aspect of Self, subconscious and mysterious needed more attention, more love.
I had the chance to receive an incredible guidance from an Australian shaman healer, Zachary Ellis that could help me map these underworld territories and realms.
Since then, I observe everyday how this empowerment changed my life.

Our subconscious plane is so rich of information and downloads, it reveals ancient mysteries and secrets that become our most cherished downloads.
To ignore all this field of Self is to ignore the biggest part of our potential, of our power.
There, below our roots lays the gifts of all our shadows. The true fuel of our being, the elemental energy that animates Spirit.

To discover, explore and map these territories is like meeting occult aspect of Self and inviting all these persona-energies to a divine gathering, where everyone is honored, acknowledged and praised. It triggers a dialogue with so many powerful spirits, emanation from our subconscious mind, and from the collective subconscious mind.
When we can blend with this underworld reality, we access so much more potential and strength.

The main idea is not only to map these unseen aspects of our consciousness but more to bring the Highest Light of Spirit to them. It is to enlighten our elemental anatomy, with the most transcendental Love of the greater Self, so that our lower self can become divine.

We are so used to bring the Light to middle Earth, to our main realm of consciousness, and yes this is useful, but to bring the Light to the Underworld is to heal the subconscious mind of humanity. It gives access to powerful transformation and downloads to all humans, animals, plants and elemental spirits.

The nature can evolve in harmony with humans if we can bridge Heaven to the Under Earth. We can support the upgrade the DNA of Pachamama by allowing the Angels and the Masters to access the core of the blueprint of Reality, through us.
The underworld is usually mapped and organized through the 5 elements. It connects to Elemental spirits, animal and plant spirits, mineral spirits and other mythical archetypes. This create a medicine wheel that is balanced and spinning, creating a vortex of elemental energy ascending to our body.

One of the other concept is to sync the medicine wheels of the underworld with the one from the upperworld. This allows the higher dimensional forces to really upgrade and heal the underground dimensions.
The shaman can then project these wheels as a holographic template in his middle Earth reality, allowing a more coherent and effective space around him/her.

This is where the East meets the West, where buddhist or vedic traditions meet the shamanic lineages.
The Light of the One channeled to the diversity of creation. As above, as below, the octahedron of Spirit and Earth United.

Now, how to map these territories?
This is what we call spirit journey or shamanic journey.

In a state of trance, we dive into our subconscious and we explore, step by step the landscape of our underworld.
You’ll need the support of allies for this, you’ll need to know how to speak and communicate with all the aspects of yourself that are spirits. You will need to be brave and patient.

It takes some time to get to know your allies and to map the unknown. It takes more time to become a master of the elements.

That’s why we need the supervision of an experienced shaman, to journey with us and to bring coherence to our underworld reality.
There is always so much to explore, as the true Self is infinite.

Demian Haye


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" sync the medicine wheels" REALLY spoke to me. So many simply IGNORE the underworld and it pulls in a different direction to the facade they have plastered over the cracks in their understanding. You don't learn about the underworld or study it, but feel it form silence and the truly open heart space. The energies synced creates, breathes, exudes and renews everything. I love this post, Demian. Thank you.

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Beautiful post @omdemian. As I can tell, you know or are learning that we are all connected. Not just as human beings as one collective soul group - but also as a planet with the plant life, animal life, and mineral life. The true self is infinite. We are powerful and just might be beginning to realize this power. The power of our creator resides within us. Turning within is the one of the best ways to understand this. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful and profound post. You have found a new followers in me ;-)

Be well...