How to navigate these challenging times of Multidimensional awakening ?

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How to navigate these challenging times of Multidimensional awakening ?

The world is changing. We are changing. This obvious statement is emphasized by the cosmic alignment taking place these days.
The old ways are being upgraded, and the possibilities are endless.

We are waking the infinite corridor of all potentialities, of countless parallel realities. In fact, I believe we have always had access to this op-PORT-unity. To this PORTal.

I simply feel everyone is waking up now, and realizing step by step we are walking this Corridor of all possibilities.

The thing is that many of us don’t know what we want. The main disease of the Collective Mind, not being clear about what we want. A blessing if you truly don’t want anything, like the path of the Tantra or Advaita, but a curse if you have to choose one door among millions of doors. One reality among other.

I observe that many people around me get confused, or go through really intense processes. Strong warriors, incredible dreamers, talented healers, everyone seems to go through challenging times.
Of course, I live next to one of the most powerful Vortex in Central America, Lake Atitlan in Guatemala, but I do receive messages from people all around the world. It’s happening.

We are shifting into the New Earth. We are receiving the fruits of our creation. And although many people speak about it, we pretend we don’t understand what is going on.

My experience and my guidance tell me that there are the most epic times ever, an opportunity to dive into the Unknown and harvest beauty that has never been seen before.

I feel we are entering the Age of Quantum Multidimensional Awareness. And we just start to realize what it means.

As a healer, I see many patients of mine that are integrating higher frequencies and higher bodies. I see that what was the fruit of many years of practice before is just a natural state for most of us. We are all embracing our crystalline structure, going through the Christ Body, and of course many other layers. We are upgrading the quality of our Light. And we are facing one of the greatest challenge we ever had : the necessity of clarity, focus, and impeccability.

When we walk the infinite corridor of our Heart, when we face all these doors, and pass in front of them, and we know we have to choose one, Only one at a time, we have to deal with our agreements.

The agreements we already made, the beliefs we nourished, the choices we made before, the thoughts we allow, the emotions we repress are leading us to the door that matches our energy.

The sleepwalker will simply stop in front of the door that corresponds to his KARMA, his past actions that lead him/her here, at this particular and unique place of the corridor, and will go through it, not realizing he/she is making a new agreement. And he/she will start again the loop, as what is behind the door is simply a new story of the current story of the sleepwalker.

When you awaken, when you open your inner eyes, you stop sleepwalking, you start to become conscious. You become aware of your karma and feel in your depth that you can make another choice, you can actually choose any of these doors.

So many doors, the one we can conceive and the one that are beyond our current conception.

The freshly awakened quantum walker suddenly has to choose. One door.
And to choose is not enough, of course. To open it, you need to match its frequency, with your physical-emotional-mental and spiritual body.

That is why we need Clarity, and Focus. It is to choose the most appropriate door for us in this moment.
Awareness of our true nature and our heart desires.
Focus not be distracted or tempted by others desires.
And Impeccability. Why impeccability ? This is the last filter, the last lock of each door.

You need to align yourself. To become unified. As Portals only carry coherent unified fields of Light. And each door of this corridor is a Portal, to another reality.

I don’t have to follow my karma. It doesn’t mean my karma is not there, below my feet, it means I can choose something that is new. If I dare. If I choose.

The thing is that it is so easy to follow our karma. That is what we did since our birth. Stepping the path of least resistance, the path where the burden on our shoulders was taking us.
We can choose something new.

For this, we need to be aware of your agreements. They are the first filter. What you believe, what you agree to experience.

Release the agreements that are not serving you anymore. Let them go. Release the karmic agreements that are not necessary anymore.

Breathe Clarity. Ask your heart, your guides, your Spirit where it wants to go. Don’t control it. Trust your heart. Not your emotional Heart, your Spiritual Heart.

Breathe with Focus. One pointed concentration. Like an arrow and a target. Don’t allow yourself to be distracted. The winds are blowing fast, superconductive waves of love, and we need to remain concentrated, focused to reach the door. The corridor is peaceful, but it can get wild when you loose focus. One second of distraction, and you’ll pick up a door that is not the most appropriate for you in this moment.

Breathe with Impeccability. Do your best, align yourself, Act, Speak and Think as One. Feel as One. Be One. Embrace the reality you want to experience like you would hug your child. It is your creation, your baby.

Open the door while letting go. Letting go of all expectations, of all concepts. Trust. You’ll get what you are. The gift behind the door is who you truly are.

Let go. There is no control here. There is simply accepting, loving and embracing.
This is New Earth. Multi Dimensional realities woven as one. Light projecting itself through the lenses of our DNA. White becoming Rainbow.

It is happening. We can’t stop it. There is no need to worry about it. We simply need to let go and align ourselves with Spirit.
If you ask me how to navigate smoothly this corridor, I will tell you : go visit your shadow first.

Check your shadow agreements. Honor them for the lessons you learnt and let them go if you feel they are not serving you anymore.
Check your Soul Agreements and honor them. Change them if you feel like. Listen to them.

If you are confused, listen. Listen deeper. The voice is there, telling you stories of who you are and who you could be, stories of times you wasn’t there. And choose who you want to be.
If you are easily distracted, check out your motivation. Why are you going there ? Is it to please someone, is it quantum tourism, is it to respect an agreement?

If you can listen deeper and see/feel/know why you are walking in this corridor and which door you want, you’ll find true motivation. And this is the key to focus. Effortless concentration. You need to be convinced in your core about the direction you go and the door you seek.

If you cannot open these doors and remain in the corridor, check out your impeccability, your alignment. How much are you one with your words, acts and thoughts? How much are you centered ? You’ll have to go through the eye of a needle, you need to become coherent Light !

If you get stuck at the threshold of the door, you simply need to let go. Drop your expectations, and trust. Allow your Creation to unfold.

If you walk through a parallel Universe that becomes more and more yours after each step, and you realize you don’t like it? Wake up and ask your heart to take you back to the Corridor of All Possibilities. It is always there, in our timeless Heart Space. Change your frequency and choose another door.

Some will ask if you can walk together with the one you love.
My perspective is that the loved ones are inside me. They are creation of my consciousness, so I can dream them, if they want to dream me.
It is about dreaming together. And it is tricky, not easy but so powerful. Double imagination and double karma, double Alignment and double clarity.
This is for another article. So much to say about dreaming together.

Time to choose, brothers and sisters ! Time to align our frequency with what we want to experience. Time to let go our old agreements ! Time for more Freedom ! and more Bliss !

I hope this was helpful to some of you. Maybe it triggers some, maybe it reflects what you are experiencing. I am happy to read your comments and experiences.

Demian Haye

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Thanks so much omdemian!
Yes, the world is changing. I experienced a rather harsh awakening a few months back, came out of seemingly nowhere. It's happening. But we need to keep our cool. This is not one of these times where we just "ascend into the light" and leave our fellow sleeping brothers and sisters to die/rot on a forsaken polluted, radioactive earth... I mean, we can, but I don't think that is the GOLDEN MEAN. We are the bridge between the third and fourth dimensions, a bridge between earth and the heavens. Sure, we have free will, and thus, we can say to God "I had enough, bring me into the light", but that would not be serving God's higher purpose: that of telling the infinitely long story in the third dimension, expressing all that God IS. Perhaps you might take an interest in the information that "struck" me as I brutally connected myself to the Universe (nearly lost my mind too):

Cheers! And don't worry, the brightest and longest future exerts an inescapable force of attraction on the past. It is the ONLY force that exists in the Universe: the future pulling the past towards it. And just like lightning finds it's way to it's destination, and absorbing all the "lost" electrons along the way, so too we will reach our destination! :-)

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