Is there a God? Why do so many bad things happen? @eco-train - QOTW

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@eco-alex has been coming up with some wonderful topics to ponder on. These kind of topics really make you dwell deep within and not only scratch the surfaces of life and for me it is really a joyful experience to write on these topics.

Is there a GOD

First of all who do we call GOD?
Allah, Jesus, Ganesha, Zoroaster, Buddha, Jehovah, Krishna......Well some will say these are Gods and some will say these are Masters. Some we know have actually lived the Earth life and some we believe they are metaphors like Ganesha, Krishna and most of the God's in the Hindu religion.

Well I believe the Masters who lived an Earth life were the souls from the higher realms who came into the human birth to teach humanity lessons and to raise the vibrations of the Earth with their teachings and sacrifices. And the Metaphors that were created by the ancient sages were created with the same intention to teach humanity lessons and to keep us humans on the right path of life, giving us a direction. The ultimate motive was the same.

In Bhagwad Gita it is mentioned

"All the liberated souls in ancient times acted with this understanding of
My Transcendental Nature,
therefore you should perform your duty, following in their footsteps

What I believe -- Who is God?

When I think of a God my belief is that God is that one divine consciousness, whose one part is within all of us, the creator of this universe and beyond. The one unity consciousness which binds the whole of humanity together, the one who is omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient. There is no or there was no physical form or a gender of God.

If I have to answer -- Is there a GOD?

Yes there is a God but not in any form. God is the ultimate highest self of my own being, my ultimate Soul Consciousness, my Super Consciousness, the Cosmic Consciousness who is always with me and guiding me in every walk of life.

Whether I want to listen to this God, My highest self, my Super consciousness is upto me.


We humans have this very big fundamental problem of always wanting someone else's shoulder, whether it is to cry or to shoot from. Very conveniently we have picked up all these Masters as the shoulders, because we ideally do not want to take responsibility of our own action. We always want to prove that we have been doing everything right but it is from the other side that we are not being taken care of and there is all this fuss about the lucky and unlucky stuff, or like people saying "God never listens to me".

The Universal Law of Cause and Effect is the basics of our complete Life cycle, also what we call as KARMA. Whatever is happening in our life is the direct impact of our actions be it in the form of Thoughts, Words or Deeds. As the proverb says, “What you reap is what you sow.” If we follow a bad diet, we end up with ill health, if we follow a healthy diet we end up with a good health, if we can be loving and compassionate the opposite person will show the same feeling for us, if we send out bad energy to others we will get the same in return, so it is just as we say, What goes around comes around. The only thing is that most of the times we do not have the effects immediately of our actions. Universe is playing a big role here. It is waiting for that exact moment when the karma (action) is due to give its results and it gives the effect.

There are many times when the person is doing everything right but nothing right is happening in the person's life and one really wonders, this person is so nice, why does he/she have to go through the struggle or problems or the bad things in life.
Well there is no settlement when it comes to Karma or rounding off. For every Good action there is a good pay off, and for every bad action there is an equal consequences, there is no addition or subtraction here and rounding off. Universe is just waiting for the right time for the Karma to reap and get paid off. So you can have Karma accumulated from many life times which can get due to be paid off in one particular birth and you are there facing all the consequences of your actions, which consciously you will not be aware of.

Many people do not believe in reincarnation, then I always put one question to them. If there is no reincarnation it means this is your first and last birth, and if that is the case there is nothing like Karma also. And if there is nothing like Karma then why do we have so many children born with struggles and difficulties. They have not accumulated any Karma then why do they have hardships in their life right from the time they are born.


Karma, Good or Bad keeps getting accumulated and paid off at it's right time, it can be from the current birth or from previous births. Some results of the action we take are instant and some come at it's right time. But every action has a reaction. Like if you eat bad food, you will have an upset stomach immediately or in some hours where the cause and effect is much faster, but say if you have murdered someone, it is not necessary that someone will murder you immediately. The result of this action will take some time to reap and come back at it's right time, may be in the same life time or in another life time.

Sometimes people tell me that I am very insensitive towards other's hardships, but from my point of view I always feel that the person is paying off his/her Karma and it is a liberating experience for the person, so why feel sorry for the person. Rather in any way I can help the person it would be ok, but for sure I do not want to feel sorry for the person. Including my ownself, there are many phases in my life when I feel too much of turbulence and after coming to this understanding I believe that the best is to keep calm and let it pass allowing to get the Karma get paid off smoothly. I may be doing all the right things now, but I do have a Karma balance to be paid, so be it whatever I am in this life, my previous actions cannot be negated, it will for sure come to me to get cleared off. Good & Bad people,situations, circumstances are nothing but all a pay off for the Karma, all coming in different forms and ways.

When you come to this level of realization, the only thing you can do is have a mindful living to avoid any bad karmas getting accumulated.

New Doc 2017-11-05_1.jpg
My own Art Work

God the Divine Consciousness, The Highest Self, The One Unity Consciousness or the Cosmic Energy whatever you say is there everywhere, all around and within us, and in this entire universe, always guiding and giving us direction from the other end but to follow it is the decision my conscious & sub-conscious mind takes. If my conscious & sub-conscious mind chooses not to follow and create not good Karmas, who is it to be blamed?
God or My Own-self?

This does not mean I am an Atheist, I do have my prayers for my masters and try to follow the guidance that has been set by them for a mindful and conscious life.

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In my opinion, there is an God for sure. But, in my opinion God created us in a way that where we can think freely and in this process we entered in the process of evolution.

And this Evolution pushed us to create new set of lives. Before there was no language so ancient people were using the artistic language means sign language and stone art.

Belief is individual aspect because every individual experience their higher self for sure at times. So, no matter what, we can always feel that something is there which is controlling everything and we can give any name to that controlling aspect.

But, the unfortunate thing is, we got power of free thoughts and now many people using it for negative aspects and if we see on news channels then these media people bring few people in the name of experts and then these experts debate on the religion aspect and spread hate. We have to do good actions and we have to use our free thoughts for something good, and in this way we can earn good Karma.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂


Thank you for reflecting so well on my post. Yes many people have turned themselves off and hence they are not able to listen to their inner guidance which is always guiding us.
God is there all around its just the way we percieve


Welcome. 🙂

great answer @nainaztengra! im happy you wrote.. i can feel your passion reading this.. yes, Karma! SO much has to do with Karma.. Oh how the Bhudda laughed ;-)

I have sent some ecotrain bot love to this post.. it will come soon.
<3 xx


Thank you Alex for bringing this up as QOTW, I thoroghly enjoy writing on these type of topics.
It was my pleasure 😍

Beautifly written darling and you really did put some wisdom and love into this 💚


Thank you dear Petra, I enjoyed reading your post too. We all come from once source and we all merge back there that is the only reality, rest all is the illusion we have created

Thanks for sharing...

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This is best topic you picked up because nobody can oppose that god is there because some super natural power always shown us in some aspects
of our life time. Ask your heart truly ........

a very brave topic, Nainaz!
as a rule people try not to touch religion not to give reasons for disputes, so you've a challenge

I like how simple but wise you describe such a complicated topic, I agree with most of your points.

is it your art?? how have you made it?? very nice!


Thanx my dear for, glad you enjoyed reading. I very strongly feel on these type of topics.
Yes that's my own Art work. I like making Mandala designs but more with spiritual significance :-)


Mandala! yes, that's how it's called
very mysterious paintings!
where did you take examples or inspiration?

and HOW do you make them? teach me please;)

The Great Universe There is a great creator creating this great universe
Truly the God is great


Thank you @roselover for visiting my blog

yes! it's such an interesting perspective to go through the wheel of time encountering what we have sowed in the past. it reminds of how in the garden there is a seed bank and when the conditions are right, the seeds sprout. they can live there for many years until they sprout.


A wonderful analogy @mountainjewel, we are just harvesting what we have sowed and the cycle keeps going on and on. It's difficult to break from this cycle but not impossible

very nic this post.upvote

hai @nainaztegra. Greetings from Indonesia

all the gods, all the heaven and all the hells are inside you!

awesome blog sir..

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@nainaztengra I agree with you on the fact that there is God and that every good karma will always yield good results and bad karma yields bad results but I also think we shouldn’t wait all the time for people to go through hardships because it’s the karma cycle. I think part of our good actions can be to help people who are in hardships. This qotw was a really great question.

I really liked your art work BTW. Karma is an interesting one but over the years I've come to not like it so much because of the way it's used. Like how it created caste system in India and therefore keeps people in poverty unnecessarily. I also think it means that some ppl think they are unable to achieve what they want in this life so they just do nothing and wait til the next life. The mysteries of the unseen are really complex I guess we will never know for sure