What was one of the happiest times in your life and what made is special? Ecotrain QOTW

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I was surprised at how hard this question was to answer. Thinking about it, there are a lot of happiest moments, but an actual happy time was a little more difficult to define.

I am all about creating happy memories for my own children, as in dark times (most of us have them), sometimes it is thinking about happy times and memories that saves us from being dragged down into the pits, that can take a while to clamber out of.

I remember some awesome times as a child, which actually took a little digging to remember clearly and having children myself opened up some nice floodgates of happy memories, especially coming to France, where I am at the moment typing this.

Like, yesterday we visted a water park.

When I was little they were always the highlight of my summer holiday and now I have two water babies of my own that love the water, slides and the wave machines (which are fun till one catches you unawares).

We had a summer holiday every year in France or Spain (I had a privileged upbringing), as my father owned a holiday house in Spain, then France.

I remember that there was one particular slide that I loved. I was a light little thing as a child and this slide had a really sharp corner towards the bottom of it and from the steepness of the slide and the speed I hit that corner, I would whack into it hip first.

I went on this slide numerous times and the next day I had this massive glorious purple and black bruise that literally covered my whole side!

Still, it was a happy memory :)

Sweet memories were made yesterday when we were at the water park yesterday too, my children's happy smiling faces always makes me so happy too. I even went down a waterslide too and felt that familiar rush of fun too.

But probably the most recent happiest time was being pregnant and looking after Hazel when she was a baby. It wasn't quite the same second time around, as it wasn't as relaxing and I didn't have all the time in the world, as there was another child in the equation, but still beautiful all the same.

I enjoyed being pregnant with Hazel, as there was no sickness, or any issues other than a really healthy glow (and it actually got rid of my migraines for a few years too).

And when she came along, I spent hours just holding her, feeding her and just looking at the gorgeous little bundle she was. It didn't matter what else was going on in the world, here I was with this little angel.

Breastfeeding her was an awesome experience and I did it till she was 3 and a half. I probably would have done it longer, but Poppy had come along by then and breastfeeding 2 (at the same time) was a little much and my god people don't tell you about the extra contractions you get when breastfeeding, after giving birth the second time.

(And yes, by the way, you can get pregnant whilst breastfeeding)

So yes, being mum when they were little was one of the happiest times of my life.

My life is still blessed and ultra special with my two girls of course, just it is quite a challenge doing it on my own, but doing my best to make it happy for all :)

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Happy moment is so undefined, but when you are surrounded with your kids, nothing is more important than them, keep it up,u are a strong woman.


Yes, It's a hard job, especially when they are so rebellious already, but still plenty of fun times and happy moments to be shared.

wow how glad I am that they enjoy it, on the other hand the slides so I generate a lot of fear and as a child I liked them, while my brothers had fun in them I stayed down ... friend you can go through my last message knowing a little my story and the reality that many do not know


I am aware of situation in Venezuala and I try to help out when and where I can, but at the moment I need to also invest in myself a little bit, so I can give back more in a little time.

I can so identify with you here, my 3 girls have created and continue to create so many amazing moments for me. My happiest time was on being pregnant and motherhood also xxx


It changes the way you look at the world and at your own parents too.


It changes the way
You look at the world and at
Your own parents too.

                 - hopehuggs

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I even went down a waterslide too and felt that familar rush of fun too.
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