Posts To Make You Think: What is Watching Television Really Doing to Us?

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Have you ever stopped to think what is watching television really doing to us?

Is it just entertainment, or does it mould our opinions, or train us to think in a certain way?

Just for the sake of this short post, I am thinking about soaps…

It tries to tell us a the ‘right’ way of thinking, but who determines what ‘right’ is?

How many self employed people are shown in the day to day soaps?

Everyone is always looking for love, or trying to keep it.

There seems always a set way of living your life to the way society expects and somewhere along the lines, people stop questioning and thinking for themselves, what their dream is, uncorrupted by other peoples’ views and opinions.

And they are ideal place to showcase the latest and great gadgets, that a whole nation want them too.

I know people like to watch drama and sometimes its great to see people having worse troubles than yourself (even if fictional), as it makes you feel a little better.

But that time could maybe used more wisely to make our own lives better.

Life is only short. It is about doing stuff that means something to you.

That something could be altruistic, materialistic or even just to make your own life better or more bearable (some may say selfish, I say self preservation).

Often to be in a place to help others, this needs to come first and I know from my own experience that putting yourself first is not always most the natural solution.

So even if you are of an open mind, television can still sap away hours of time that could be used for the betterment of yourself or the world.

You also need to spend your time wisely and keep to some kind of plan, else you end up treading water and going nowhere too. I have been there as well for a couple of months, but the plan is now forthcoming.

Research better ways of living, or read a few ideas on sustainable living and living responsibly in a world that seems to have forgotten its roots in nature.

I’m not there yet, but am getting myself in a position where I can make some more earth friendly choices.

I can act in a small way right now, like recycling, keeping an open mind and rediscovering the world around me and all its wonders.

And getting the knowledge, know-how and courage to make these changes when I am able.

But today I’d like you to think about what amazing changes could you be capable of with a few extra hours of time, instead of watching television?

If you want to watch television, watch television, but please consider pausing once in every little while and question what you have watched (if you don't already).

At the end of the day, its all about what you want for your life (and your future generations) and no-one can change that, but you.

And if you think you are too small, even a tiny voice is better than no voice, and from tiny things beautiful things grow, just think about butterflies…

With <3 @hopehuggs


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Now a days due to online streaming content watching televisions have dropped drastically surely they want to mould our brains in a certain way


Yes, I guess i'm a bit out of date referring to televisions only. But the same difference, we need to try at look at every side, before coming to conclusions, not just the ones we are presented with most.

I’d like you to think about what amazing changes could you be capable of with a few extra hours of time, instead of watching television?

In my case, I will probably be able to have more time for exercising myself. However I don't spend much time watching TV, I do follow some series for entertainment purposes and I do like to watch interesting movies. Having leisure time is also necessary, and in my case sometimes TV is my leisure time.


Yes, sometimes it is a good way to relax, I'm not debating that, just we need to have an open mind.

I don't deliberately set out to watch the television. I mostly walk passed it or watch when I am at a place for an appointment or standing on queue in the bank. Too much of it is just fake, that I just find it irritating to look at.

I love movies though, especially those action hero stuff with guns or with magic and big villains being brough down a peg. Yet, I'll not spend too much time watching movies. A film in two or three days is good enough.

Now books... A really good book van keep me up all hours of the night. That is entertainment.


I need to get back to reading, since I've had children I rarely sit down and enjoy a good book and it was aways one of my favourite things. Need to switch the computer off more and practise what I preach :P

I got rid of my TV well over a decade ago.
Have felt much saner ever since... ;)

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