Day 10: The Stare of the Stag (A Poetical Message for you From Nature)

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Maybe this poetical message is meant for you?

Each day I’m writing a poem ‘inspired’ by a nature card and writing a poem according to the vibes it gives off.

My hope is the message meets its intended reader. <3

Today’s drawn picture was the stag and as its stare mesmerized me, these words flowed out...

The gallant stag stare
As he is completely aware
Of his whereabouts
And what is thereabouts?

What he doesn’t see
Is the minuscule wee
subtle changes every day
That is coming his way.

Slight transitions
Merged with ambitions
Are occurring
The universe is whirring

But it might take some time
For the rhythm and rhyme
To fall into the tune
That makes you swoon.

Up to five years
to go through the gears
For the transition to complete
For it to find its feet

You may want it to hurry
As the slow-mo is slurry
But its a necessary process
For elevation success.

So be gentle and kind
To your body and mind
It is within sight
The future is bright.

Personal Poetry Readings

If you’d like your own personal poem reading, contact me on Discord.

(High Poetess Hope#5222)

I’ll draw a card for you and write what I feel the message is.

Pick your own price.

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Another cool post thanks or sharing this awesome poem

Gallant is such a perfect word for a stag! :)

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