Who are the best people to lead or guide our world ...Politicians, Parents, Academics, Philosophers, High Tech.. Or someone else? EcoTrain QOTW

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Questions like this are somehow difficult to discern due to all the variations of answers. Just starting for the fact that everyone has its own perception of the present and possible future, tastes always get in the way and kind of mold each answer.

However, and allow me to detour for a moment from the question, I think it is easier to point out who are NOT apt to guide our world. And most of us can reach a mutual understanding in such matter.

So, I will detail those who must not lead the world or any society whatsoever.


Who definitely should not lead the world

Why do we need politicians? Are they ready leaders? IF so, what do they lead? When I see a politician, I merely see somebody who serves to the interests of those who put him there on the top chair. That's all. All politicians needs lots of money to get elected so who are they going to ask it?

Besides, when something occurs, like a natural disaster, do they really make the decisions or they just pass along the message from professionals and academics in certain capacity that come to solve problems. Here rises another question. What are they good for? I think we can all leave without them because I can't really find any utility. It's so unbelievable to comprehend that some people deem politician's lives more valuable than regular citizens'.

There used to be a time where politicians were the most qualified and fair people. But the mold was broken along times ago. And there were many great men, that despite they led nations, all of them shared the same dream, which was that all men and women could learn to lead themselves.

Religious figures are another stone in the line of unqualified people. We know who lead all those movements and the scandals they have desperately and unsuccessfully tried to hide. In addition, they don't really care for the ones who are suffering. We see the highest authorities living a luxurious life. They also take the confidence and faith from truly and honest followers, and use them to gain more power.

And when a politician does something bad and criminal, they just come up, put a show and read a paper just for appearances. Many regular citizens do more for others than them.


Who are the most qualified

As I said at the beginning, the main question will be seen through the eyes of every person whose vision is different from one another. So, I'll take my chances here and bring up to the table of the ecotrain community my perception.

I think the best people to lead world are scientists. But not in general. I mean, scientists and academics with a progress mind and with common sense plus a heart shaped with true justice and kindness.

Probably, you may consider that such prospects are difficult to find. But I believe there are people like that. Through our history we have witnessed them. To name one, Benjamin Franklyn was a fair man with a brilliant mind who makes a lot contributions to the world.

And I fairly think that there are people around who are shadowed by all the establishments. Their path are somehow shorted, they don't get the visibility they deserved and need... because they have a lot to offer and we can all learn from them.


Everyone is important!

Once I heard that the current supposed "leaders" just think that people merely live to give them the position they hold in society. So, how can they be allowed to continue with their position?

I've always believed that the world is how it is now because we've just made it that way... and not only by our actions but also for our indulgence towards certain people.


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Everyone is very important in leading the change we seek and i agree that Politicians and Religious people are kind of the best people to lead the world. Nice and simple response @edave