Mother Nature & Human Beings: Two Similar Entities With Different Manifestation

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Can nature and humans beings coexist together without hurting each other? This could be a question if we consider the two are enemies. But truly the only enemy is us, humans. With our complexity and reasoning we can't help creating a conflict with an entity that gives us so much.

And what does mother nature do about it? Well, she reacts like the instinct of a female dog defending the zone of its newborn puppies. The reaction of mother nature is the manifestation of her pure greatness. She claims what belongs to her, and find the channels through which her hand had left traces.

And what about us? Well, we surf the terrain, trying to make our own space. Wherever there's room, we settle in. We may see that such terrain can be marked, but we dare to ignore the property rights of the owner, and place our flag.

So, since the two are animated things, full of energy, why can't we, humans, just be true to our composition as mother nature is; and in turn, get out what's best of us?

Before attempting to answer this, I'd like to point out some interactions between mother nature and us:


She gives and we take

Nature never stops giving. She distributes her resources without asking anything in return. It's her principle, her purpose, it's what makes her unique; to provide for the optimum environment for life to thrive.

We marvel at her magnificent task, but we take irresponsibly believing we're not intrinsically related. And though we can admit we depend on it, we don't yet understand her purpose.

In my previous post, Chronic Depression: The Self Inflicted Pain, I declared in a fragment that nature doesn't care about the human life because it shouldn't. This statement point outs that nature keeps manifesting no matter what happens. When we do something to her, she just reacts to create balance.


She preserves and we consume

Life was sustainable on earth when there were the necessary conditions. Nothing was left to randomness. Nature has been alongside us, preserving the human race... feeding and supporting us.

Not even the spreading viral illnesses has mitigated her. She has given us several cures for some terrible diseases. And certainly, she's waiting for us to discover more of her healing power.

There's nothing we cannot get from her. She is like the inception of things. We use her to create. Our growth is tied to her. Not a part of us can flourish without her.


She paves the path for evolution, but we're stuck

The following quote from the movie Jurassic Park:

"Life find its way"

It clearly refers that natures never restricts. She just makes available the conditions for life. She is that everlasting force that holds, carries, and lends energy.

And even though our routine lives have improved because many revolutionary ideas have been conceived from her power, we're still blind like a little child playing with a sophisticated toy. So instead of evaluating and understanding the value she hold, we end up exploiting it until devouring the last iota of her resource. And when it is done, we just move on, and repeat the process.


She shows its magnificence and we shy away

While nature is loyal to its composition, we only show potential of what we can do and become. Maybe it's our naive conception to believe that life is merely an absolute without any related factor.

But when something is manufactured, there are usually a series of the mechanisms that come into play not only during creation but also during its lifespan. And life, as complex as it is, cannot be considered a detached occurrence.


IF we ponder on how dependable we are toward nature, we can see we're not so different from her. It's our manifestation that puts a barrier between us. And not because our own nature is fractured.

Many people say we're basically good. I prefer to say that everyone, in their right mind, knows what's fair. And we can notice it because we feel it when we do something bad or we don't act on a situation that requires our intervention.

I think mother nature manifests truly because it knows why it exists. And most importantly, it serves a purpose. There's nothing unmistakable in her actions. And that's what we lack to finally display our authentic manifestation.





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I strongly suspect that nature is, in all her awesomeness, self healing. We are not the first dominant species on this planet, and hopefully will not be the last.


Agree with you 100%. Nature is so splendid that you can feel the harmony when it maintains the equilibrium around.

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And I appreciate your support ;)Thanks.

We are part of nature but our arrogance has split us from nature. We are thinking that by conquering nature we can make our life happy but it is our mistake. We have become our own enemy and blaming nature for our misdeeds. We forgot to live with nature. We are trying everything which is against nature. In this process we are killing ourselves. We can never destroy nature as it is omnipotent and omnipresent.


Exactly, we must observe how nature express itself. And even when there is a natural catastrophe, it's nature restoring balance. Because usually the cause is our intervention against it. And nature just reacts. It's not even good or bad. It's just equilibrium.



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